What Will a Health Screening Involve?

A health screening is essential to the life insurance application process because it determines whether you can be issued a policy. You will be asked vital questions about your family’s history, including whether there is a predisposition to diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. 

This information will also be used to assess the amount of risk the insurance company will assume, and this is how your premiums will be decided. You will discuss whether you smoke, have ever smoked, and for how long. Your Access Insurance Services representative will need to know how long it has been since you smoked and if you have achieved cessation. At a certain point, after you have quit, your premium will no longer be that of an active smoker. 

Life insurance is not a requirement under San Antonio, TX law but is something people choose to purchase voluntarily. Your age, gender, and overall health will be reported, and the more healthful your lifestyle is, the more this will be reflected in how much you pay. Like your annual checkup, this process should take about half an hour. 

Your occupation, habits, and hobbies will also be taken into account. If your profession is hazardous or you like to engage in risky behaviors for recreation, this can all impact your bottom line. The insurance carrier often covers the cost of this appointment, and in some cases, you can waive the examination if you provide copies of your medical records. 

We Can Help you Obtain Health Insurance.

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