What to Do When a Pipe Bursts

Having a pipe burst in your home is no fun for anyone. It is a costly repair, and it can take some time to clean up the damage. In San Antonio, TX, we often do not think of pipes bursting because it is rare that the temperatures will get low enough to cause freezing pipes. When it happens, though, many people wake up to a terrible surprise that is costly. Use these steps from Access Insurance Services, so you can navigate frozen pipes and get them repaired.

  • Turn off your water immediately. The moment you notice that you have had a pipe burst, it is important to turn off the water to your home. Taking this step will help limit the amount of damage you will have in the home as a result. When the water is not flowing, you will have less of it in your home leaking from the pipes. This is the first step a professional will have you do so it is good to do first. 
  • Call a professional to get it repaired. When a pipe bursts, you will have to get it replaced. However, first, you will have to get rid of the damage and take care of any water damage inside your home. Call a professional to come out and take care of this for you because it is a big job, and you will want your pipes to be repaired just like they were new. 
  • Prepare for colder temperatures in the future. You probably do not want this ever to happen again, so it is important to take steps to prevent it. You should consider insulating your pipes with pipe sleeves. On colder nights, also always take preventative measures to prevent freezing pipes. 

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