The Basics of Recreational Insurance

Nowadays there are several types of recreational vehicles, ranging from converted buses to camper vans. Nobody plans or even wishes to get into accidents, but they happen anyway and without warning. Recreational insurance helps you cover most of the risks just like those covered by auto insurance, including collision, theft, and vandalism. And like auto insurance, recreational insurance is compulsory in San Antonio, TX, especially the minimum amount of liability coverage. Driving a recreational vehicle without insurance can get you into legal problems. Plus, lenders may require it before financing your vehicle.

Even if it wasn’t compulsory, recreational vehicles cost a fortune. And that’s why having them insured with Access Insurance Services is the only way to protect your investment. Due to the large sizes of these vehicles, they can cause very severe accidents that could lead to major injuries and significant property damage.

Coverage Options

There are several coverage options you can consider when taking recreational insurance depending on your needs and budget. They include liability coverage which is compulsory, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured coverage, road assistance coverage, and much more. Depending on the coverage options you choose, you can also include additional coverage such as vacation liability, towing coverage, personal effects coverage, emergency expenses coverage, etc.

Some of the common mistakes you can make when buying recreational insurance include thinking that your standard auto insurance is enough to cover your RV, shopping for the least prices available, or taking inadequate liability coverage. Talk to an agent at Access Insurance Services to help you understand how much coverage you need.

We provide reliable and affordable recreational insurance policies for the residents of San Antonio, TX and its environs. Talk to us today and get the right policy for your recreational vehicles or for any inquiries.