Life Insurance and New Braunfels Equals Peace of Mind

Founded by German settlers, New Braunfels, Texas offers crisp clear skies, opportunities for beautiful country walks and outdoor activities. For example, you might enjoy riding the waves at Schlitterbahn waterpark or exploring the nooks and crannies at Natural Bridge Caverns. Nature and the old world charm of the city might be more enjoyable if you have peace of mind. And, peace of mind comes with knowing your family is protected with life insurance.

Permanent Life Policies

Insurance policies are generally of two types: Permanent life and term life. With permanent life policies, you pay level premiums for life. These policies guarantee that your beneficiaries receive the face value of the policy when you die. But, your policy must be in force. This means that you must keep paying your premiums to keep the policy active.

  • Interest and Tax Credits

You also might receive dividends on your policy. This means you can increase the value of your policy, and this gives your beneficiaries a larger payout. Also, you might receive tax credits for money you put back into the policy. And, you can borrow against these policies if an unexpected event occurs.

  • Money for Unexpected Events

The unexpected can happen — even in beautiful New Braunfels. And, cash might not be available when you need it. Your life insurance policy might be a savior in these times. This is because you might be able to borrow money from your policy, and thus, get out of a bind.

Term Life Policies

Term life policies often are less expensive than whole life policies. This is because you buy coverage for a specific number of years. If you die during this time, the insurance company pays a benefit to your beneficiaries. These policies often cover a specific item or event. For example, you can get a term life policy for your mortgage or to cover university expenses for your children.

The policy you get depends on your situation and goals. Visit Access Insurance Services online to get quotes instantly. You also can speak to an insurance agent who can make sure you get the best coverage for your family.