Comparing Basic Form Vs. Special Form Commercial Insurance in San Antonion

Brandishing a Hispanic flavor, San Antonio welcomes almost 8 million visitors to check out the Alamo and enjoy an up close look at Texas history. A progressive city with a small-town feel, the city is home to several military bases. And, because of its mild climate and growing population, San Antonio is the ideal for plethora businesses. If you’re a business owner in the city, enjoy the sunshine and make sure you have adequate commercial insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Business owners in San Antonio, Texas can choose from three commercial insurance coverage types. These include basic form, broad coverage and special form insurance coverage. To make sure you have adequate coverage, your best bet might be to get all three versions.

Basic Form Insurance

Basic form insurance covers common perils. These are perils that are common occurrences, but the events can set you back financially. For example, San Antonio businesses sometimes deal with graffiti splashed across their buildings.

Vandalism costs business owners in San Antonio and the U.S. over $8 million per year to clean up. If you have basic form coverage, it might cover your clean up expenses. Other common perils that basic form covers include:

  • Fire
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Lightening

Typically, the insurer lists the perils on your policy. So, if it’s not listed, it’s not covered.

Broad Form

Broad form incorporates basic form insurance and includes coverage for other perils. These might include events such as floods and building collapses.

Special Form Insurance

When analyzing basic form vs. special form insurance coverage, note that broad form policies itemize the perils that aren’t covered. So, if the policy doesn’t specifically exclude a peril, it might be covered. Conversely, basic form policies itemize covered perils.

Commercial insurance is a must for business owners. Visit Access Insurance Services online today. You can compare quotes and find adequate coverage in minutes.

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