Speed Trap Tickets Have Insurance Costs Too

People might ask themselves what exactly is the relationship between a car insurance policy and triggering a speed trap? There’s no accident or damage caused, no one got hurt, and the insurance company didn’t receive a claim. So what’s the issue? It has to do with risk. When an insurance company provides a policy to a consumer, they are doing so based on an estimate of how safe that driver will be and how unlikely the person will result in a claim and loss. When the same driver then starts producing speeding tickets in speed traps or similar, the formula changes. Unlike other traffic violations, speeding tickets are considered strong evidence of flat out risky driving behavior as well as a violation of law. Both have a very negative effect on an insurance company’s view of a driver’s safety going forward. No surprise then, an insurance provider is going to increase the cost of a coverage plan in the future if a pattern of risky driving is seen with multiple tickets.

However, some folks believe one ticket should not trigger a sudden increase in insurance cost. Again, a speeding ticket is very strong evidence of conscious risk-taking behavior. One doesn’t accidentally speed, especially if having been a driver for a while. Insurers companies are not blind to this situation and adjust their risk accordingly. That said, people change, and insurers take that into account as well.

If you or someone you know has been a driver with one too many speed trap tickets and now seeking insurance coverage for driving in the San Antonio, TX area, getting help from Access Insurance Services may be smart way to get on the road. Their experts can guide drivers through the insurance maze and find a policy that provides a second chance for improvement and risk reduction over time. Drivers who’ve made mistakes are not left out in the cold.