Top 5 reasons to get Life Insurance

Here are the top 5 reasons to get life insurance:

Your parents are financially dependent on you

The very basic rule to check if you need life insurance or not is to check if there is anyone that depends on your income to live. This is particularly important for aging parents who are financially dependent on your income. At their age, they might not be able to get an active income and would only rely on their retirement savings or social security. That is if they were lucky enough to have those available to them.

Your job is high-risk

This reason should not be very surprising. As you can expect, if you have a high risk job, sadly the probability of your early demise goes up statistically. Jobs such as firefighting, mining or military can be considered high risk. If you do have such a job, you must consider mitigating that risk with a life insurance policy.

You have debt

Just because you passed away doesn’t mean all your debt went with you. For example, if you have a mortgage, you family will have to take care of the payments.

You are having a baby

The longer you wait to get life insurance policy, the greater will be the premium. Not only is having a baby expensive, but your pregnant spouse might not be able to have an active income while being pregnant or while having to take care of a newly born baby.

You are getting married

If you soon to be spouse is going to rely on your income, then it is another good reason to get life insurance. You don’t want your spouse to comprise heavily on their lifestyle.

Access Insurance Services serving San Antonio, TX can you the through life insurance policies most suited to our needs. The agency provides excellent customer service through experienced and professional insurance agents. You can get in touch with the San Antonio agency through the contact information available on Access Insurance Services website.

What coverage is included with commercial insurance?

San Antonio, TX is one of the largest and most populated cities in the country. Those that live in this area will enjoy a growing population and a strong economy. While this can make the city a good place to live, it is also a good place to start a business. When you are going to start a company, getting commercial insurance is a good idea. There are many benefits and forms of coverage that come with commercial insurance.

Property Coverage

One important form of coverage that you will get with commercial insurance is property coverage. The vast majority of businesses out there will own some form of asset. This can include equipment, inventory, and even office equipment. Since a lot goes into acquiring these assets, you need to make sure that they are covered. A company in San Antonio, TX that gets commercial insurance will get coverage for these assets. 

Liability Coverage

Another form of coverage that you will get with your commercial insurance policy is liability coverage. If you are going to start a company, it is important that you understand the amount of liability risk that you are taking on. Those that are sued for liability damages could face serious penalization. To cover this risk, getting commercial insurance is a great idea. When you get insurance coverage for your business, an ample liability policy will be included. 

If you are shopping for commercial insurance, you should reach out to the team at Access Insurance Services. The insurance professionals here can provide many different services that will help to ensure that you are in a commercial insurance policy that is right for your company. Access Insurance Services does this by carefully analyzing your business to figure out your unique needs and business risks. 

How Does a Home Security System Help with Home Insurance?

Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood in San Antonio, TX, you could still be at risk for burglary. The chance of burglary is high, no matter where you live. When you install a home security system with burglar alarms, you can deter thieves from breaking into your home. A home security system may be able to decrease some of your home insurance costs. Every policy is different so always consult with your agent at Access Insurance Services to see if you qualify for discounts before you install a home security system just for a break on home insurance.

Boost Home Safety: One of the main ways a home security system can help with home insurance in San Antonio, TX is that it boosts your home safety. A decrease in burglary incidents results in less damaged property and can show your insurance company that you are less of a risk.

Reduce Theft Claim Quota:  A security system can save neighbors money by helping to limit the total theft claim quota and the number of thefts within a certain neighborhood area.

Additional Safety Features: Homeowners can install a security system with additional safety features to lower insurance premiums. These include deadbolts and smoke alarms. The combination of a security system and other ways to protect your home can save you the stress of worrying about money and home safety. A physically monitored security system can also reduce the likelihood of fire and water damage.

Even if you aren’t saving money on your insurance, home security systems can save you money in other ways. Security systems may be able to detect gas or water leaks that can save you money on repairs or damages.

Contact Access Insurance Services to get a quote on home insurance. 

Why Do I need to Get San Antonio Auto Insurance?

Similar to other cities in the state, San Antonio, TX is a very large place with a lot of great places to visit. Due to this, having access to a car is very important and often considered a necessity. If you do own a car in this area, you should spend time also considering your auto insurance needs. There are many different reasons you will need to have auto insurance.

Required by Law

The first reason to get auto insurance in Texas is that it is a legal requirement. Drivers in this state have to remember the minimum requirements when it comes to auto insurance. All drivers on the road need to have a certain level of liability insurance, which will allow you to pay restitution if you are at fault in any type of auto accident. 

Protects Asset

Additionally, drivers will want to have auto insurance to protect their assets. If you would not be able to easily replace your vehicle, you should invest in a policy with both collision and comprehensive insurance. This type of auto insurance will ensure that you can pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident, stolen, or if another loss-creating situation for your car arises. 

As you are shopping for auto insurance for your San Antonio, TX car, you should work with someone that you can trust. One great resource to start the process of getting a new auto insurance policy is Access Insurance Services. After you call the team at Access Insurance Services, you will quickly find that they work hard to carefully understand all of your personal insurance needs. This will help you get into an auto insurance policy that is right for your situation. 

Motor Home Insurance: Do You Need It All Year?

When you have a motor home parked at your San Antonio, TX house, you want to make sure it’s protected. But a lot of the year, that motor home isn’t being driven. Instead, it sits in one spot. That may make you consider dropping the insurance on it while it’s stationary. Come talk to us at Access Insurance Services, so you can get good advice and the right policy for your motor home needs. You’ll be protected all year long that way, and you won’t have to worry about your motor home whether you’re driving it or not.

A Motor Home Still Needs Protection

Even when you’re not driving your motor home, something could still happen to it. It’s not going to be involved in an accident, but someone else could drive into your yard and strike it. It could also be stolen or vandalized in some way. If you don’t have any kind of insurance on it, you’ll find that you aren’t covered and may have to suffer a loss. Fortunately, you can avoid that by working with your agent to make sure your motor home is covered. In some cases, you may be able to adjust your policy for the times your motor home isn’t being used or driven.

Let Us Help You Get the Right Policy

By talking to us at Access Insurance Services, you can get the protection you need for a motor home in the San Antonio, TX area. That will give you proper coverage, but also add to your peace of mind. You don’t want to end up with a problem or a loss just because you didn’t understand your options. Our agents will be happy to help you and make sure your motor home is well-protected all year long.

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in its Best Condition

Many residents in San Antonio, TX invest in an RV for their family vacations throughout the year. Like a car or even a boat, an RV is a financial investment and should be maintained to keep it in its best condition. At Access Insurance Services, our team understands the need to maintain your RV for your family and for its overall value. Below are some of our tips to keep your RV in the best possible condition. 

Clean the Seals and Slide Outs

Many RVs come with slide-out portions of their RV that can capture moisture and debris over time. When you are not using your RV, it is imperative to open your RV to its full state and clean these areas. This eliminates a build-up of mildew and prevents long-term damage to seals that can be a costly fix.

How is the awning?

Like the slide-outs and seals, you want to extend your awning and give it a thorough cleaning and inspection. Because it is designed to keep the weather off of you and the RV, it takes the brunt of weather damage most of the time. Once it is cleaned, check it for any chipping or dry-rotted areas that could have built up during storage. If there are any tears, you will want to get that replaced. 

How’s the wastewater system?

Many RVs are purchased and valued based upon their ability to properly disperse wastewater and sewage from the RV. For many campers who are looking to elevate their camping experience or want an affordable travel option, the bathroom and all of its parts must be in quality working order. 

Add RV Insurance today!

If you live in the San Antonio, TX and want to properly insure your financial RV investment, give our agents at Access Insurance Services a call today for more information. 

How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance is something that most people don’t talk about. That is not a good idea, life insurance should be an important part of financial and estate planning. When you are young, it is hard to think about estate planning but in reality, it is the ideal time to think about life insurance. Life insurance gets more expensive the older you get and optimally should be purchased before you are 35 years old. In San Antonio, TX, Access Insurance Services is there to help you with your insurance needs no matter what they are. 

Experts suggest that you have 10-12 times your yearly income in life insurance. When you are young, your income is likely to be lower than it will be later in life so going for a higher amount might be a good idea. It is important to answer a few questions before you determine how much life insurance is enough. 

  • Who depends on your income?  Do you have a spouse or children? Are you helping out elderly parents? 
  • How long will they need help after you are gone?
  • Do you have a mortgage or other debt?
  • Have you prepaid your final expenses? 
  • What assets do you have in addition to the insurance policy?
  • Do you want to leave a legacy to someone? 

After you have taken into account the answer to the questions you will be better able to determine how much life insurance is enough for you.  No two people are the same and that is why it is important to have an insurance professional to talk to about that amount and type of insurance that is right for you. If you live in San Antonio, TX or nearby Access Insurance Services has a knowledgable team that can guide you through all the confusion that surrounds life insurance. Stop by the office or give them a call and let them give you a no-obligation quote. 

Business Owners: Commercial Insurance And Company Growth

Business owners should be celebrated for their company’s success and growth efforts.  This often takes good leadership and a smart focus on customer service or quality products.  Successful growth can be a good reason to look at overall company planning efforts.  Sales success and helpful marketing promotions are also sometimes reviewed with an objective of understanding the best paths for success.  Good leadership is applauded with sales growth and good customer service.  Researching sales metrics and reasons for company growth are frequently part of leadership planning with profitability success.  This research process may also be a good time to review company strategies and commercial insurance planning.  Access Insurance Services is experienced working with business owners.  Serving the San Antonio, TX area, the agency is able to walk company leaders through the process of selecting options for commercial insurance.

Effective business leaders are known to routinely consider the amount of work that is available for their companies, along with any sales projections for successful growth.  Profitability and expense management are often part of this type of planning for success.  Additional items may include the following:

  • Profitability and sales revenues
  • Expense management
  • Staff hiring and workers compensation
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Technology services and promotions
  • Communication strategies with staff and customers
  • Marketing and successful community promotions
  • Administrative tasks and commercial insurance planning

The San Antonio, TX community is proud of its successful businesses.  Growth and planning are helpful when building new client lists and acquiring additional business.  Business expansions and property acquisitions are additional options with success.  Access Insurance Services can answer your questions about commercial insurance planning with your company growth.  You can visit our office or give us a call today to discuss more about your business success or a new start-up company.

Do Home and Auto Insurance Need Separate Umbrella Policies in San Antonio, TX?

Most types of insurance are very specific about what they cover. You have options for health, auto, commercial, life, disability, and renters insurance just to name a few. Each one is a separate policy. Access Insurance Services offers all of these policies in San Antonio, TX, but we also offer a single policy that covers every aspect of your financial life–umbrella insurance policies. 

When It Rains It Pours–Umbrella Insurance Policies Have You Covered

Insurance policies have liability limits. For example, you may have a homeowners’ policy that covers $5,000 of electronics but after a theft or fire occurs you may have even more in damages than that. This is where your umbrella insurance policy takes care of the extra costs not covered. 

Basically, umbrella insurance functions as a liability insurance. The main job of this policy is to protect you against further lawsuits. For example, an auto insurance policy often only covers up to $500,000 at the most but an auto accident can easily add up to millions in damages. Your umbrella policy stops any major lawsuits or seizure of your assets.

Umbrella policies can also protect you from being sued for damage due to an accident while on vacation or at work. 

Quick List of Damage Covered by Umbrella Insurance

  • Legal Fees – Your policy will cover fees for a lawyer, but without an umbrella policy, you could have your assets seized and never make it to court even when you know it’s not your fault.
  • Property Damage – An umbrella policy will cover damage that occurs to other properties. This could happen in the form of a car crashing through someone’s house. Or maybe your toddler knocks over an antique Waterford vase. These are just a couple of examples of property damage that are covered by umbrella policies.
  • Bodily Injury – Several reasons exist for the need for an umbrella policy. Sometimes you may have excessive medical bills in an auto accident. You could be walking your dog and someone is bitten, which wouldn’t be covered by homeowner’s policy. Umbrella insurance covers these extra things. 
  • Other Kinds of Legal Damages – Other types of legal damages covered under umbrella insurance are slander and libel.

Umbrella Insurance Policies in San Antonio, TX

Give Access Insurance Services a call or check out our blog for further reading. We will help you with unbiased and thorough information on the right umbrella policy for you. 

Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

The price you pay for home insurance in San Antonio, TX, can vary depending on different factors.

Raise Your Deductible: A deductible is what you pay toward a loss before the insurance company pays the claim. The higher the deductible, the more money you save on your premiums.

Don’t Confuse Rebuilding Costs with What You Paid for the Home: The land under the home isn’t at risk from windstorms, theft, or fire so you don’t want to include its value when determining how much insurance to get. If you do then you will pay higher premiums.

Bundle Your Policies: You may be able to get a discount in San Antonio, TX, from your insurance company if you bundle your home and auto policies.

Make the Home More Disaster-Resistant: Find out from an agent at Access Insurance Services what you can do to make your home more resistant to natural disasters. You may be able to save money by getting stronger roofing materials or modernizing your electrical, heating, and plumbing systems.

Improve Home Security: You can typically get discounts if you install smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, or alarms. Before you buy a home security system, find out what kind of device your insurer recommends and how much it can save on your premiums.

Have Good Credit: Establishing a good credit history can help with your insurance costs. To work on your credit score you should pay bills on time, keep balances on credit cards as low as possible, and don’t get more credit than you need.

Stay with the Same Insurance Company: If you have kept coverage with the same insurer for years, you may get a discount.

Review Your Policy Yearly: You want a policy to cover additions or major purchases. However, you don’t want to have more coverage than you need. If your belongings aren’t worth what you paid anymore then you may need to reduce or cancel your rider or floater.

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