It’s a New Year. Time to Review Your Home Insurance Inventory

Happy New Year! While others may have struggled in 2016, it was good to you and your family. Which is why now is a great time to review your San Antonio, TX home insurance policy.  While the structure of your home may still be adequately covered, the growing business, new wine collection, and new jewels for your wife may not be protected against the uncertainties of life. Access Insurance Services encourage you to take a good look at your inventory and update your home insurance for the new year.

Full Replacement vs. Market Value Replacement for Your Possessions

If you purchased a standard home insurance policy years ago when you bought your home, it may have only come with market value replacement for personal possessions. If your home was lost due to a fire, items that do not devalue with time and serve as part of your investments may benefit from a full replacement cost option. Coins, jewelry, art and other unique items should be listed on your inventory for full value.

The Family Tech Center

Most of the time electronics lose their market value over time. Replacing an inexpensive BluRay player from the big box store is no major concern. However, if you have had a premiere movie viewing lounge installed, you will want to itemize it on the inventory. High-end computers and software may require specialized listing.

Even the Shoes and Handbags

If the lady of the house collects designer shoes, you will want to include the irreplaceable fashions on the list, such that you can be adequately compensated in the event of theft or fire.

The agents at Access Insurance Services are available to answer any questions you might have about your San Antonio, TX home insurance and look forward to helping you update your policy.