Is Home Insurance the Same As Renter’s Insurance?

When living in an apartment it may seem like things like home insurance is something you need not worry about. While traditional home policies are not necessary in apartments, renters policies are a necessity. The real question is, are renters policies the same as homeowner’s policies? For those in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with Access Insurance Services can help answer all you policy questions.

For starters renters insurance and home insurance are very similar for a few different reasons. Homeowner’s insurance policies are meant to protect both the structure and the contents of the structure. Renters policies protect only contents and the owner of the rental unit is responsible for owning a policy to protect the property.

The main difference is that the renters policy is only going to protect contents. This is a great thing to have however as rental policies do help to protect you if something happens like a break in, fire, or water damage where your belongings are damaged and they need to be replaced. This is the type of policy that you want to have even if you do not own the unit that you are living in as otherwise, youa re responsible for all replacement and repair of items and damages that occur to your property even while in the home.

If you own a home you want to have a homeowner’s policy to protect your property as well as to protect the home so that you can repay the bank and rebuild or move to another home after the home is destroyed. For those that live in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with Access Insurance Services can help you to answer all your insurance related questions so that you can get the perfect policy each and every time.