Commercial insurance FAQs

As a business owner operating in San Antonio, TX, having commercial insurance shouldn’t be optional. It is a necessity that helps you to protect your organization. However, there are some complex issues that you might not be having some clear answers to when operating in this market. Access Insurance Services provides detailed answers to some of the complex problems in commercial insurance. 

Is Commercial Insurance Tax Deductible?

Commercial insurance is treated as a general expense in an organization. Therefore, it is a tax-deductible expense. However, it should specifically be to operate your business. However, there is some commercial insurance that is not tax-deductible. If the business insurance is for reserve funds or replacing lost income, such policies are not deductible.

Is Commercial Insurance Required by the Law?

Commercial insurance is not required by the law. However, having it in your organization helps you cover some of the legal aspects that may affect your organization. For example, commercial insurance may help your company to cover disability expenses. There are some instances of professional liability that are likely to occur. That is why you need to have commercial insurance to handle such issues.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Lawsuits?

Commercial insurance can help in covering everything concerning your organization. In this case, it can help your company cover all the legal costs that your entity might be facing. However, you need to ensure that you have enough coverage for your business insurance to cover lawsuit expenses. Some basic commercial insurance policies may not cover lawsuit expenses.

Get the Right Commercial Insurance

The primary aim of having commercial insurance is to help in covering your business against possible financial liabilities. In San Antonio, TX, Access Insurance Services stands out as the best company for commercial insurance. We’ll help you to get a cover that meets your business needs.