Do I need life insurance in San Antonio, TX, if I am single?

Life insurance is meant to be a replacement for a person’s income when they’re no longer around to provide the income for the deceased family members. It’s not a requirement, like car, health and homeowners insurance, so it’s a personal decision that everyone should carefully think through. Single people without any dependents may think they don’t need a life insurance policy. However if you have kids or a relative who depends on you for some financial support, you really should have a life insurance policy. Likewise, your money could also be used, by a friend or relative, to care for your pets after your passing. Even if you don’t have any dependents, buying life insurance is a good idea. You can buy it with the intent of getting married and having kids in the future, but for now–should you pass on–it can be used to pay off debt, cover final expenses or as an inheritance to family or friends. If you have a loan that required a co-signer, or have a student loan that cannot be forgiven upon death, you’ll want to have a policy that will cover these debts. In the case of a co-signed loan, if you don’t pay it the other person is held responsible for the debt. Leaving money for it to be paid in full would be the right thing to do. In the case of your student loans or other debt, the money from your estate will be used to repay those debts, but a life insurance policy would leave behind extra money to ensure all your debts are paid. Texas residents in San Antonio, Bexar County and Cormal County can contact us at Access Insurance Services today to learn more about life insurance options. As an independent agent, we’re always on hand to help you understand your choices and find the best policy for your situation.