Can I Claim my Insurance Company if I Meet with an Accident on the Job or While Driving my Company Vehicle?

When you get into an accident while you are driving a company car for work in San Antonio, Texas, you may assume that your personal insurance will pay for your injuries. In general, if you are driving for your job or using a company car in Bexar County or Comal County, then your personal policy is not the appropriate insurer to charge for the damages.

Business Policies

If you are injured while driving for your job, then your employer’s commercial insurance policy should cover the cost of your injuries and the damages to the vehicle. Your employer is liable for the accident as long as you were not driving for personal reasons or you are in a company vehicle.

Every employee who operates a company vehicle or who is driving for the company is covered under the business insurance policy. The appropriate insurance company to pay for the damages in the situation is the commercial insurer.

Impact on Personal Coverage

Although your insurer may not be required to pay for the accident, you may still see an increase in your premium after the accident if you were the individual who caused the situation. Accidents are reported on your driving record, so an insurer may still increase your premium because your driving record and historical data is showing a higher risk when compared to the period before the incident occurred.

It may seem difficult to determine the appropriate solution after you get into an accident on the road, but your employer’s policy should have protection for you and other drivers. Your personal insurer may not provide any protection as long as you are on the job at the time of the accident. If you want to learn more, contact us to speak to an independent agent.