Auto Insurance Add Ons to Consider

When insuring your vehicle in San Antonio, TX there are multiple insurance options you should consider. While only you know what is best for your personal coverage, there are some add-ons to consider. Here are some of the most commonly selected, so make sure to consider each and discuss the options with your provider. 

Gap Insurance

What happens if you have a vehicle that is worth more than what the insurance company deems it to be? You’ll likely be out that extra amount unless you have gap insurance. Now, this issue typically does not come up all too often, but there are some specific cases. Perhaps you purchase a five-year-old used car, but the car only has a few thousand miles on it. This makes it more or less a new vehicle, but as it is five years old if it is totaled you won’t receive anywhere near what it is worth. Gap insurance fills in this added monetary gap. So while not often needed, it is something to consider. 

Roadside Assistance

Having roadside assistance on your vehicle is a valuable addition. If your vehicle stalls out, you run out of gas or you have a flat and need help, bringing in assistance can cost you. This is why having roadside assistance is an important feature. It is going to be one of those auto insurance add-ons you don’t need until you really need it. So, whether you live in San Antonio, TX or anywhere else, this is a beneficial feature to have on your insurance. 

Personal Injury Protection

This is referred to as PIP by many insurance providers. This extends medical coverage and helps pay for most expenses associated with injuries. It is a great option when looking for peace of mind.