5 Facts About Home Insurance

San Antonio, TX is among the most populated cities in the United States. Such a populous city has a sizable number of homeowners. Access Insurance Services specializes in providing you with an advanced solution to all your home insurance needs.

Very often, homeowners buy insurance but are not able to enjoy the full benefits due to lack of information. The following are five facts about home insurance everyone must know. 

What is covered?
The standard home insurance policy covers the following:
•    Building structure 
•    Damages to third parties 
•    Personal property
•    Additional structures on the property

Building Structure
The policy pays for repair or rebuilding of the actual physical structure, which is the house if damaged by natural disasters, fire or vandalism. 
The structure also includes attached structures and detached ones such as the garage and the fence. 

When you have a visitor and is accidentally injured in your house, the policy covers their medical expenses. If they sue, the policy covers losses arising from the lawsuit as well.

Personal property
The home insurance also covers personal property in the house ranging from expensive electronics to jewelry. They could be stolen or damaged by a fire. The policy includes repair or replacement costs.

When Coverage Limit is exceeded
It is prudent mentioning that home insurance coverage has limits. If the threshold of coverage is exceeded, you may have to dig deep into your pockets. However, you can get umbrella insurance policy to safeguard you from such massive losses. 

Home insurance is essential for homeowners in San Antonio, TX. It not only protects you from financial losses but also visitors and family. More importantly, it helps you repair items that you worked so hard to acquire in case of damages. For more information, get in touch with Access Insurance Services