4 Consequences of Not Having Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Homeowners insurance may seem like an extra expense that you do not need in San Antonio, TX. What is the likelihood, after all, of a tornado sweeping through the city and taking your home with it? The probability is higher than you think, and the consequences of not having insurance in Texas are grand. 

Here are four punishments that you may be subjected to if you choose to go without assurance.

1. You may violate your mortgage agreement

Most, if not all, financial institutions require proof of homeowners insurance throughout the entirety of your loan. In fact, some banks deem the lack of assurance as grounds for foreclosure. While they may not forcibly remove you from the residence, lenders will purchase homeowners insurance on your behalf. Such indemnity covers the property but does not pay for damages to personal property. 

2. You may have to pay for damages out-of-pocket

Assurance companies pay for damages imposed on others that are directly attached to your property. The lack of indemnity means that you will have to pay for all costs out of pocket. You could find yourself in serious financial turmoil if damages total tens of thousands of dollars. 

3. Storm loss can break the bank

Your financial problems can become insurmountable if a tornado comes through town and destroys your humble home. Everything from moving expenses to cost for rebuilding efforts will come from your checking account if there is no insurance policy from which to deduct. Imagine losing your home and life savings on the same day all because you failed to prepare ahead with an indemnity plan. 

4. Litigation can wreak havoc 

Someone who injures himself on your property in San Antonio, TX may decide to file suit for medical costs. Whereas a homeowners insurance policy hires an attorney and pays associated fees for representation, the lack of assurance means that you have to find a lawyer and pay all costs out of pocket. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of a legal crisis because you failed to purchase a good homeowners insurance plan.

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