What comes with an auto insurance plan in Texas?

If you live in or around San Antonio, TX, you will likely want to have a car, as it will make it a lot easier to get around the area. Along with this, you need to have insurance for the vehicle. There are multiple forms and types of coverage you will receive when getting an auto insurance plan. 

Liability Coverage

When you get an auto plan here, one form of coverage you will get is liability insurance. Like other states, Texas requires you to carry a certain level of coverage. Here, you will need $60,000 for bodily injury coverage and $25,000 for property damage liability coverage. When you choose to get insurance, you need a specific level of insurance, but it is often a good idea to obtain higher levels of insurance than this.

Comprehensive Coverage

As you seek coverage, you can also get comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. When you have a comprehensive insurance plan, you will get coverage if your car is damaged in an accident, stolen, or you incur another type of loss. Since a vehicle can be a significant purchase and investment, having this coverage in place to protect your car is always a good idea.

Other Coverage

Depending on your chosen plan, you can also get various other forms of coverage and benefits. These include rental car coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, towing, and labor coverage. These forms of insurance will come in handy in various situations.

As you are looking for a new auto insurance plan in the San Antonio, TX area, it would be wise to call Access Insurance Services. The professionals with Access Insurance Services will give you the guidance you need to build a plan to protect you and your vehicle. 

Does My San Antonio, TX Home Insurance Policy Cover My Detached Garage?

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner in San Antonio, TX, or you’ve had insurance for years, it’s hard to know what is and isn’t covered by your home policy. One common question is whether detached garages are covered. The answer depends on your policy’s specifics and the coverage you have. Here’s what you need to know:

Liability Coverage 

Your liability coverage may cover any damage to your detached garage. This includes anything from someone slipping and falling on your property to significant physical damage from your dog getting trapped in it. Liability coverage will also help if there is an incident related to negligence on your part, such as failing to maintain the structure or not adequately keeping up with necessary repairs. 

Property Damage Coverage 

Property damage coverage helps protect against costs associated with repairing or rebuilding your detached garage due to weather damage or accidental destruction caused by incidents outside your control (such as a fire). Policies typically include this coverage in most home insurance policies but may need to be added as an endorsement depending on where you live and who insures the property. Check with an agent at Access Insurance Services for more information about this type of coverage for your detached garage.  

Personal Property Coverage 

Personal property coverage helps protect any items stored inside your detached garage from theft or destruction because of unexpected events, such as fire or windstorms. The typical policy includes protecting tools, lawn equipment, furniture, electronics, and other items in the structure. It rarely protects vehicles parked in the space—these need a separate policy (like auto insurance).

If you have questions about what kind of protection is available for your detached garage through a home insurance policy in San Antonio, TX, contact Access Insurance Services.