Purchased an RV? What You Should Know About RV Insurance

When you have a recreational vehicle like an RV, numerous opportunities to get out and see the world are at your fingertips. Whether you want to head over to the next county over or take a cross-country road trip, an RV offers similar amenities to what you have in your home. In order to operate your RV on the road, it must be insured in San Antonio, TX. If you have recently purchased an RV, learn a few things about RV insurance from Access Insurance Services.

What Is Covered by RV Insurance?

If you want the most protection for your RV, you will want to consider comprehensive coverage. Further, you need to seriously consider also investing in uninsured and underinsured coverage, which will ensure you’re covered in the event of an accident with another motorist who does not have any or lacks sufficient insurance coverage.

Comprehensive insurance offers protection from damage that results from vandalism, fire, and other events. Collision coverage offers protection from collision-related damage, regardless of whether you or another individual was at fault.

Is There Any Other Kind of Coverage Needed?

Because you are likely to have numerous personal belongings in your RV, you will want to consider coverage that will protect these items in the event they are damaged. If you have any equipment custom-made for your RV, you can purchase a custom equipment policy to cover these items.

If you take your RV on road trips for vacations and whatnot, you may want to consider investing in vacation liability coverage. This coverage will offer protection from financial loss in the event someone is injured in your RV or near where your RV is parked (think a campsite).

If you are ready to purchase an RV insurance policy, or if you have questions that weren’t answered here, contact Access Insurance Services, a trusted insurance agency that serves the San Antonio, TX area.

RV Insurance: Your Simple Guide

Are you trying to find RV insurance in or near San Antonio, TX, and need help? Our simple RV insurance guide from Access Insurance Services should make this process easier.

What RV Insurance Protects

Your RV insurance can protect you from a broad range of things. For example, it will help against problems like liability concerns, damage repair, lawsuits, and much more. Roadside assistance can help you get to a shop if you break down, and your comprehensive option can help you if you end up with other types of damage, such as fire and explosions. Pick and choose your chances to get good results.

How to Pick a Great Policy

Spend your time talking with your agent and going over your insurance needs. Do you just want a basic policy to pay for liability? Or do you want an option that covers as much as possible? For instance, if you live in your camper full-time for most of the year (such as if you travel north in the summer), you may want a full-timer policy that treats your camper or motorhome as your primary residence.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Monthly Payments – Your premiums help keep your insurance active, and you can pay more if you want to decrease your deductibles and vice versa.
  • Deductibles – How much do you want to pay before your insurance kicks into play? You typically have a few different levels to choose from here.
  • Vehicle Type – Do you have a motorhome, a camper, a trailer, a snowmobile, a four-wheeler, or any other type of recreational vehicle? Your policy should be based on that.

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