Tire Damage: Is Your RV Covered?

RV insurance can cover a broad array of different problems for your San Antonio, TX vehicles. However, what happens if you blow a tire on the road? Will your policy help you? We at Access Insurance Services can help you understand this problem and how it affects you.

General Wear and Tear May Not Be Covered

Your insurance is not designed to help with everyday maintenance issues. For example, a blown tire is often considered a general maintenance problem that you can easily avoid. As a result, your RV policy may not cover this problem is caused by a lack of proper care and attention.

But what about if you run over glass, nails, or other types of damaging items? Your insurance probably won’t cover this repair, either, because it’s still something that you caused. Even if you didn’t see these items, your company may argue that you should have and refuse to provide help.

Roadside Assistance Can Help

Even though your policy may not help you with tire repair, it may provide roadside assistance. This type of coverage kicks into play when you’re stranded on the road and unable to get your RV back to where you need to be. In this situation, your RV insurance may help with tire problems.

For example, it could cover towing, gas refills, battery replacements, and even tire replacements in some situations. Make sure that you add this type of coverage to your insurance if you’re concerned about potentially affecting you and impacting your long-term RV safety.

Take Care of Your Insurance Needs

If you live in or near San Antonio, TX, and want roadside assistance on your insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Access Insurance Services. Our experts will find a policy option that makes sense for you and will do whatever it takes to satisfy you.

RV Insurance for Long Trips

Do you own an RV in San Antonio, TX, and plan on taking a long trip with it? Then, you will need an insurance policy that you can trust to minimize any serious concerns. We at Access Insurance Services can provide you with that policy to feel comfortable with this situation and your insurance.

Why You Need RV Insurance

RV insurance is often legally required as a way of protecting yourself and others from serious long-term complications. For example, they can help you with liability concerns, damage problems, and much more. Therefore, they are significant when going on long-distance trips.

Why? Your risk of damaging an RV goes up exponentially the longer you’re on the road. As this risk goes up, you’ll need a policy that can protect you and your investment. Thankfully, you can pick various options that should help keep your RV safe and minimize your risks.

What Coverage Helps With Longer Trips

  • Liability – This protection option keeps you safe from lawsuits that you might experience if you get into a crash while on the road.
  • Collision – Do you want your RV to get repaired or replaced after a severe accident? Then get this type of insurance to protect yourself.
  • Comprehensive – This policy type will protect you from many serious issues, like fires and natural disasters. You may want full-timer insurance if you plan on living in your RV, too.

Get Your Policy Today

As you can see, the best RV insurance policies can provide you with a high-quality level of coverage that will keep your vehicles safe. So if you live in or near San Antonio, TX, and want help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Access Insurance Services to learn more about how we can help you.