Motor Home Insurance: Do You Need It All Year?

When you have a motor home parked at your San Antonio, TX house, you want to make sure it’s protected. But a lot of the year, that motor home isn’t being driven. Instead, it sits in one spot. That may make you consider dropping the insurance on it while it’s stationary. Come talk to us at Access Insurance Services, so you can get good advice and the right policy for your motor home needs. You’ll be protected all year long that way, and you won’t have to worry about your motor home whether you’re driving it or not.

A Motor Home Still Needs Protection

Even when you’re not driving your motor home, something could still happen to it. It’s not going to be involved in an accident, but someone else could drive into your yard and strike it. It could also be stolen or vandalized in some way. If you don’t have any kind of insurance on it, you’ll find that you aren’t covered and may have to suffer a loss. Fortunately, you can avoid that by working with your agent to make sure your motor home is covered. In some cases, you may be able to adjust your policy for the times your motor home isn’t being used or driven.

Let Us Help You Get the Right Policy

By talking to us at Access Insurance Services, you can get the protection you need for a motor home in the San Antonio, TX area. That will give you proper coverage, but also add to your peace of mind. You don’t want to end up with a problem or a loss just because you didn’t understand your options. Our agents will be happy to help you and make sure your motor home is well-protected all year long.

3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in its Best Condition

Many residents in San Antonio, TX invest in an RV for their family vacations throughout the year. Like a car or even a boat, an RV is a financial investment and should be maintained to keep it in its best condition. At Access Insurance Services, our team understands the need to maintain your RV for your family and for its overall value. Below are some of our tips to keep your RV in the best possible condition. 

Clean the Seals and Slide Outs

Many RVs come with slide-out portions of their RV that can capture moisture and debris over time. When you are not using your RV, it is imperative to open your RV to its full state and clean these areas. This eliminates a build-up of mildew and prevents long-term damage to seals that can be a costly fix.

How is the awning?

Like the slide-outs and seals, you want to extend your awning and give it a thorough cleaning and inspection. Because it is designed to keep the weather off of you and the RV, it takes the brunt of weather damage most of the time. Once it is cleaned, check it for any chipping or dry-rotted areas that could have built up during storage. If there are any tears, you will want to get that replaced. 

How’s the wastewater system?

Many RVs are purchased and valued based upon their ability to properly disperse wastewater and sewage from the RV. For many campers who are looking to elevate their camping experience or want an affordable travel option, the bathroom and all of its parts must be in quality working order. 

Add RV Insurance today!

If you live in the San Antonio, TX and want to properly insure your financial RV investment, give our agents at Access Insurance Services a call today for more information.