Does Your RV Insurance Cover You Everywhere You Go?

Like many others in San Antonio, TX, you probably want to take your RV to places far and wide. However, before you start crossing county or state lines, it’s important you know if your insurance coverage goes with you for the ride. Access Insurance Services offers many RV insurance options, and here is how they work when you’re out of town.

Where Do You Plan to Travel?

If you’re staying within the state, then your RV insurance will cover you as normal. Even though Texas is a large state, you can have the peace of mind knowing your insurance protection isn’t going to change from one side of the state to another.

If you plan to go out of state, things can become slightly more complicated. Typically, your insurance coverage will still protect you out of state. Different states have different minimum insurance requirements.

If you’re in an accident in a state that has different insurance requirements, your Texas insurance will still cover you. If the requirements in the new state are higher, then your insurance may temporarily raise your coverage for that single incident.

Are You Living Out of Your RV?

Many people make their RV a home. This is fine if you stay in Texas. If you spend more than a few months in a different state, you may have to change your RV insurance coverage options.

Residency requirements vary by state, but most states consider you a resident if you’re living in the state for a specific amount of time. Once you pass the limit, you will have to register and insure your vehicle in that state.

Access Insurance Services can help you with your RV insurance no matter where you go in San Antonio, TX and beyond. Before taking a long trip or deciding to set roots in a new place, contact us to learn more about your RV insurance requirements.

4 Motorcycle Coverages Not to Forget to Include in Your Policy

In San Antonio, TX, motorcycle drivers must follow licensing, title and registration requirements that are similar to regulations for operating a motor vehicle. People who want to take their motorized cycles, especially cycles that accelerate to at least 30 mph, must also show proof of financial responsibility that most Texas residents provide as insurance.

Access Insurance Services encourages you to seek help with choosing the right insurance for your two- or three-wheel vehicle.

Don’t forget to include these four coverages in your policy:

  • Payouts for vehicle damages – In addition to making sure you can pay to have your own repair, you will want to have the confidence that you can pay for damages to another vehicle for which you might be liable.
  • Provision for bodily injury treatment — Your policy could include money for medical procedures needed not only for you but for passengers and other drivers. The minimum amount paid after an accident is based on the plan you choose.
  • Funds to cover property damage – Maybe you hit a stop sign or the side of a building. Having insurance for this expense can reduce some anxiety in you.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage — This could prevent you from losing your motorcycle or other assets just because someone else does not have insurance.

Access Insurance Services, a provider of coverage to motorcycle drivers in San Antonio, TX, wants to help you choose the level of coverage appropriate for you. It depends on your make, model and year of vehicles as well as safety preparedness and other factors.

Please contact us, and an Access Insurance agent here in San Antonio will answer all your insurance questions.