Commercial Insurance Can Benefit Your New Startup

It all began as an idea.  Now, through your hard work, your vision for a new business is becoming a reality.  As you build your new business serving the San Antonio, TX area, talk with your agent at Access Insurance Services to get the protection your startup needs in the beginning and as it grows. 

Commercial insurance provides protection in several meaningful ways.  The most common policies are Texas commercial general liability insurance policies.  These provide coverage in several key areas of potential liability concerns such as personal injury, property damage or injury resulting from advertising.  This is an overall liability policy for business. 

A commercial property insurance policy is key.  Much like a homeowners policy, it protects the business owner’s property from various threats.  This can include damages from fire, water, weather events or theft.  If your business is in or near a flood zone, talk with your agent about adding this level of coverage to your policy. 

A workers compensation policy protects should an employee be injured on the job and is a must for any business.  If your employees or contract workers use company vehicles to complete their duties, the corporation will need a Texas commercial auto insurance policy. 

Many startups opt for the convenience and cost effectiveness of business owner packages.  These combine the various types and levels of business insurance policies into one package.  By working with an independent agent, quotes from a variety of insurers can be considered.  This generally results in coverage that is most appropriate for the business and its work, as well as, cost-effective. 

Your agent at Access Insurance Services, serving the San Antonio, TX area, finds the coverage you need.  They can provide information on employee benefits, such as group life insurance.  Call today!

Commercial Life Insurance vs. Personal Life Insurance

All life insurance is not the same. Each type of policy is designed to cover specific aspects of the subscriber’s life. The variety of policies can be confusing. The experts at Access Insurance Services wants to ensure that you choose the right insurance products for your special circumstances. These facts about commercial and personal life insurance will help you understand the role each one plays when building a comprehensive financial protection plan.

What is Personal Life Insurance?

Personal life insurance policies are designed to provide a source of income to your dependents in the event of your death. Named beneficiaries are usually spouses, children, or other blood relatives who rely on the subscriber financially. Buyers can choose different levels of coverage. With term life policies, the subscribers can specify the length of coverage they need. Whole life policies build cash value that buyers can use as a source for convenient, low-interest loans.

What is Commercial Life Insurance?

Commercial policies pertain to business holdings. There are several different types of commercial life insurance policies, each with its own advantages and beneficiary rules. One of the most common is individual life coverage, which pays the subscriber’s family enough to prevent the forced sale of business assets to satisfy liens on personal property. Many small business owners use their family’s home as collateral for loans that are used to invest in commercial operations. Buy-sell agreements and key person insurance are other commercial life policies that help keep your business in the right hands after you’re gone.

Life insurance is an essential part of any long-term financial plan. Choosing the right policies can be tough. Contact the representatives at Access Insurance Services in the San Antonio, TX area. We help residents and business owners in the San Antonio, TX region get the coverage they need to protect all the things they care about.