Essential Facts about Life Insurance

One of the sad facts of life is that in one way or another, a person will have to consider the eventuality of death. A life insurance helps you to consider the effects that death would have on the people you leave behind. Here are some important facts about life insurance.

You need to insure your life  you have anyone relying on you financially. It is obligatory that a spouse or parent will take up life insurance. However, it is also important when you have a dependent adult sibling or dependent parent, among others. If you are financially independent, stably retired or that no one would suffer financially if you died, then you do not need a life insurance.

Life insurance is a contract. It is an agreement between the life insurance company and the customer who carries a financial burden of the life and livelihood of another.

Life insurance does not equate monetary value to life. Instead, it is used to help compensate those left of the inevitable financial losses that come with the loss of life. It helps them cover lost income, outstanding debts, funeral expenses, and mortgages. Essentially, it helps to lessen the burden during grief.

Insuring life is a process that involves four different kinds of players. The insurer is the insurance company, and it is responsible for paying out claims when death occurs. The owner is the person who pays the insurance premiums to the enterprise. The insured is the person upon whose life, the policy is based. The beneficiary is the trustee or the person that receives the life insurance claim when the insured passes on. In some cases, it is possible to be both the owner and the insured.

Although most people avoid thinking and talking about death, planning for an unexpected death is surprisingly a great relief. Contact  San Antonio, TX, Access Insurance Services to get started on a getting your life insurance today or visit us at 15500 San Pedro Ste 401, San Antonio, TX 78232-3739, and we will be waiting to help you.


3 Reasons to Obtain Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicles that are used largely for business purposes require commercial auto insurance. Even if your business has only one vehicle in its fleet, it needs commercial auto coverage to protect your business interests. A commercial auto insurance policy from Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX can provide you with the following benefits and more:

Broader Coverage in San Antonio   

Business vehicles often require greater liability coverage than what personal auto policies have to offer. Through a commercial auto policy, you can obtain greater protection against the risk of accidents.

Commercial auto coverage also extends to rental vehicles or vehicles not owned outright by your company, giving you enhanced security for your business assets. You can also include transport expenses and loss of use protection in your commercial auto policy to cover business vehicles that are out of service due to repairs. 

Protection of Employees

Commercial auto insurance protects you and any employees authorized to use your vehicle(s) for business purposes. If one of your employees has an accident during the course of business, your insurance will cover the costs of property damage, medical injuries and loss of goods being transported at the time.

In contrast, if you only have personal auto insurance, your insurer has the right to deny a claim if it’s discovered you were using the vehicle for business purposes at the time of the accident. This puts you at risk of assuming responsibility for all damages incurred in the accident.

Tax Deduction

If your vehicle is used primarily for business purposes and you have commercial auto insurance coverage, you can deduct the cost of your premium from your taxes.

To learn more about commercial auto insurance and all it has to offer, talk to a representative from Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX today.