Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

Statistics show that more than 2,200 teens are fatally injured in car crashes every year in San Antonio, TX and all along America’s highways. Believe it or not, those deaths don’t come from DUI, driving too fast, or talking on cell phones. The number one reason for the deaths of many of these teens can be put down to the fact that they are inexperienced. Remember, the one person who can get through to your teen and teach them safety when driving is you. Access Insurance Services has compiled a couple of tips to help you encourage your teen to be a safe driver

Talk to Your Teen

It’s extremely important to sit down and talk to your teen driver way before they are old enough to drive. No matter how much practice your teen has, when they get out on the road alone, most of that goes out the window. Talking to your teen and telling him/her there will be consequences for breaking the rules you set down for driving privileges is the first step towards keeping your teen safe behind the wheel. 

Make Your Teen Sign a Driving Agreement 

Many teens, like many adults, learn visually. Sitting down to talk to your teen is important, but typing up a written agreement can very well make the rules clearer to them. Type up your rules for driving, print them out, and have your teen driver sign the agreement. Make sure you put the consequences of breaking even one of those rules on the agreement as well. 

Remember, you are the number one barrier between your inexperienced teen driver and disaster. All it takes is one second and once they are gone to can’t get them back. The experts at Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX are here to help. 

Ensure You’re Covered for Hail Damage

In April 2016, San Antonio experienced what is now considered the costliest hailstorm in Texas history, with damage exceeding $2 billion. That storm, plus additional hailstorms that rolled through the area a few days later, left cars and roofs hammered into a mess of twisted metal and broken glass. Unfortunately for some homeowners, they found out that not all of the hail damage was covered by their insurance. If you live in or near San Antonio, TX, you need to call a local insurance company like Access Insurance Services to see exactly what coverage you have and what you need to get.

Some Coverage but Not Complete Coverage

Your average home insurance policy in Texas should cover at least some hail damage. The Texas Department of Insurance notes that policies usually cover hail, wind, and hurricane damage in general — but hail damage to plants and trees is often not covered. That can create an expensive mess for homeowners if a hail-damaged tree needs to be removed from their yard, for example. No one wants the tree to fall and create more damage, but removing those can be expensive if there’s no insurance coverage to help out.

The solution is to go over your home insurance with your agent and see exactly what hail-related situations would trigger coverage. Sometimes it’s just a matter of increasing your general coverage; if you’re paying higher premiums for more coverage, your insurance company may be more likely to cover additional hail damage and preventative actions. You might find you have to add a rider to your insurance specifically to cover hail, instead.

Give your insurance agent a call; if you can’t get adequate coverage there, contact Access Insurance Services, serving San Antonio, TX, to discuss a comprehensive policy.