5 Tips to Cutting Auto Insurance Costs While Retaining Adequate Coverage

If you must cut back on auto insurance due to a tight budget, look for ways that won’t compromise your coverage. The following tips from Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX, can help you reduce auto insurance costs and still retain adequate coverage.

Raise Your Deductible

The deductible is the amount of money you pay when filing a claim before your insurance steps in. The higher your deductible, the lower your insurance costs. If you have financial reserves that could be earmarked for auto repair if necessary, you could increase your deductible to save money on your premium.

Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance

Purchasing your home and auto insurance or insurance for multiple vehicles from the same company could qualify you for a discount on your premiums. Your Access Insurance Services agent in San Antonio, TX, can give you greater insight into saving money by bundling your insurance.    

Comparison Shop for Lower Prices

Car insurance prices vary from company to company. By shopping around, you may find the coverage you desire at a lower price. Be leery, however, of compromising quality service for cheap insurance prices as what you save in coverage could backfire on you when you file a claim.    

Reduce Coverage for Older Vehicles

If you drive an older vehicle, consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage to reduce your insurance costs. Neither of these are cost effective for older vehicles due to value depreciation. You can still retain liability coverage to cover third party injuries and property damage as well as personal injury protection, if you desire, to cover your own injuries in the event of an accident that you cause.

Raise Your Credit Score

Insurers often use your credit score to determine the cost of your auto insurance. A good credit score could result in your paying a lower premium. If your credit score is low, look for ways to raise it before renewing your auto insurance.  


Consumer Home Insurance Tips in San Antonio, TX

Access Insurance Services operates as an independent insurance agency sorting through multiple top carriers to find the best connection for your homeowner needs. Getting quotes from several companies is at the top of the consumer home insurance tips in San Antonio, TX.

Have a trained agent do what they do best-making connections for your homeowner needs. Access Insurance Services knows the business. Why would you want to spend time searching online…when they can do it for you?

Consumer Tips in San Antonio TX

Texas is the third most expensive state when it comes to insurance-that’s why these tips are money saving nuggets. There is always a way to save some money.

  • Insurance companies in Texas sell many different types of insurance policies. San Antonio can have some dangerous weather conditions such as; hailstorms, earthquakes, and floods. Make sure you read the insurance policy and talk to the insurance agent to make sure you are covered in your area for whatever may blow in.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program that enables residents and commercial businesses to purchase flood protection in San Antonio due to the fact that most basic homeowner policies do not include flood protection.

  • Ask your San Antonio TX insurance agent about discounts for homeowner policies.
  • Lower your premium by increasing your deductible.
  • Keep a great credit score. Some companies use your credit score as a scale of how much to charge or save you on your policy.
  • More factors to consider when looking for homeowner insurance- is to check out the company’s license status, complaint’s made, and financial rating. The insurance companies financial rating reflects their financial strength and stability.

Check out more consumer tips with Access Insurance Services located in San Antonio, TX.