It’s a New Year. Time to Review Your Home Insurance Inventory

Happy New Year! While others may have struggled in 2016, it was good to you and your family. Which is why now is a great time to review your San Antonio, TX home insurance policy.  While the structure of your home may still be adequately covered, the growing business, new wine collection, and new jewels for your wife may not be protected against the uncertainties of life. Access Insurance Services encourage you to take a good look at your inventory and update your home insurance for the new year.

Full Replacement vs. Market Value Replacement for Your Possessions

If you purchased a standard home insurance policy years ago when you bought your home, it may have only come with market value replacement for personal possessions. If your home was lost due to a fire, items that do not devalue with time and serve as part of your investments may benefit from a full replacement cost option. Coins, jewelry, art and other unique items should be listed on your inventory for full value.

The Family Tech Center

Most of the time electronics lose their market value over time. Replacing an inexpensive BluRay player from the big box store is no major concern. However, if you have had a premiere movie viewing lounge installed, you will want to itemize it on the inventory. High-end computers and software may require specialized listing.

Even the Shoes and Handbags

If the lady of the house collects designer shoes, you will want to include the irreplaceable fashions on the list, such that you can be adequately compensated in the event of theft or fire.

The agents at Access Insurance Services are available to answer any questions you might have about your San Antonio, TX home insurance and look forward to helping you update your policy.

Preparing for a Road Trip

You are out in the middle of nowhere with the car full of your family. Those of us who work at Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX know how really big the state of Texas is because we travel around it constantly.

Going on a road trip can be fun and exciting. It can also be a disaster if you are not well prepared.

Here are some tips on what to take along for an extended road trip:

Got kids? Video Games are Your Newest, Best Friend.

The good news is that you will fall in love with the amazing addictive qualities of video games. Make sure your kid(s) has a laptop that can play the newest hottest video games. Get the new releases right before going on the road trip. Make sure there is an adaptor to recharge the laptop batteries from what used to be called a "cigarette" lighter in the vehicle and now is more appropriately called a utility outlet. The main thing is, you do not want your kid to run out of battery power while playing the video games. Make sure they use a quality set of over-the-ear headphones that block all the sound. If you need to communicate with your kid, you will have to tap them on the knee. You will appreciate the many hours of bliss while your kid plays an addictive video game.

Emergency and First Aid Supplies

Buy a large cooler and fill it with three days of emergency supplies. Make sure you have three days of water. Take along a first aid kit and a water purifier. The water purifier will allow you to clean and drink any found water or use the water from the radiator in an extreme emergency. Texas has deserts that will kill people both in the winter and in the summer.

Spare Auto Repair Parts

Have an extra supply of all the possible things that can break. Check the spare tire and carry a fast inflate air can with tire repair solution inside. Have an extra set of belts, spark plugs, enough oil for an oil change, an air filter, a gas filter, spare fuses, and lamps.


If you take along these things you will have a wonderful road trip, even if you encounter a challenge or an emergency. Be sure to check with your agent at Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX and let them know what states you will be traveling to and if you plan to cross the border to drive into Mexico in order to make sure you have adequate auto insurance coverage.