4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Get Auto Insurance

Residents of San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area need auto insurance. There is too much at stake for drivers to put it off any longer. Purchasing insurance from Access Insurance Services today means a great deal of benefits for the driver. And these benefits immediately take effect, so drivers should act now for numerous reasons.

1. It’s the Law
The number one reason why drivers should get insurance immediately is that it’s the law. The law requires those who own a car to have insurance on it. The level of coverage depends on the state you live in as well as the driver’s personal preference as far as the level of coverage is concerned. To determine the minimum requirements by law, a driver must discuss it with his or her independent insurance agent. 

2. Gives Drivers a Piece of Mind
Riding around without insurance leaves a driver susceptible to getting a ticket. It’s also possible the driver may get into an accident and then will be responsible for all of the damages done in an accident. All of this leads to worrying something may happen while the driver doesn’t have coverage. And it may not save the driver money in the end. Instead of worrying and taking a risk, a driver should get insurance as soon as possible. 

3. Protects Assets 
If an accident occurs when a person is behind the wheel and doesn’t have insurance, the driver is responsible financially. Moreover, if the person is unable to pay for the damages, it puts his or her assets at risk. 

4. Accidents Happen 
It’s best to never drive without insurance because it’s never known when a person will get into an accident. That’s why now is the best time to get insurance. 

To get insurance or receive a quote, contact Access Insurance Services at 210-499-5433. 

Simplifying Life Insurance: What You Need to Know in San Antonio

San Antonio has some good people living here, but the conversation is much more likely to veer towards sports than it is towards insurance. This is rightfully so of course, but it can often mean that people aren’t sure quite what they’re looking for when it comes to buying policies. We’re here to demystify a little bit with these tips about how to keep life insurance simple. 

Define Your Primary Goals 

What is the most important thing you want in a policy? It’s not as easy of a question as it may seem. For example, term life insurance is built for people who want life insurance until a critical period of their life is over, say when a child turns 26. The policy rates are a bit more affordable compared to permanent life insurance, which is essentially built for life. The great thing about permanent insurance is that you can borrow from your funds should you absolutely need to at any time. 

Pick the Right Insurance Company 

There are people out there who will sell you on something you don’t need, but that doesn’t mean that you have to waste your time with those who have their own motivations at heart. Access Insurance Services helps the people of San Antonio, TX find their way when it comes to getting life insurance that’s both specific for their life and affordable for their daily budgets. Our whole business is dedicated to keeping people from having to endure the absolute worst in some of the worst situations imaginable. We understand what a good policy can do, and we can help you understand it too.  Should you have any questions or just want to compare quotes from around the area, we’re ready to chat when you are.