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What is Commercial Insurance and why do I Need it?

What is Commercial Insurance and why do I Need it?

Commercial insurance is an insurance policy that is in place for companies to protect the corporation in the case of any property damage, workers’ compensation and injuries on the job as well as liability from damage or injury to other parties. Commercial insurance can also cover advertising injuries and legal fees if and when it is necessary. There are typically three types of commercial insurance available that fall under the commercial umbrella- property insurance, liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Is Commercial Insurance Required by Law?

Commercial insurance for businesses in Texas is not required by law, however it is highly suggested as a protection for your business. It is wise to invest in commercial insurance now, in order to limit risks of liability and losses to your business in the future. You are exposing yourself to potential claims and possibly losing your business as a result without having the protection that commercial insurance will offer. If you have a car that you use  for business purposes, it is advisable that you purchase commercial insurance for the vehicle as well.

What Kind of Commercial Insurance Should I Invest in?

Situations vary, but most often, having a basic policy will work for small businesses. The higher type of risk that your business runs and the larger the corporation and number of employees- i.e.. a manufacturing company, retailer or a factory- means that you will want to invest in a higher policy. This is because you are exposing yourself to workers getting hurt, or customers potentially hurting themselves and suing. An average basic policy amount runs between $500,000 and $1,00,000.

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Meeting San Antonio, TX Auto Insurance Needs

It is important to have adequate auto insurance coverage to protect yourself in the event of an accident involving your vehicle or caused by another driver. If you live in an urban area in the state, such as San Antonio, TX, you are more than twice as likely to be involved in a traffic crash. This is based on information provided by the Texas Department of Transportation. 

Understanding the basics of auto insurance coverage and your requirements for driving in the Texas are important in order to determine if you have enough protection for your auto. Working with a licensed independent insurance agent, such as those  of Access Insurance Services serving San Antonio, TX, can help you make this determination and provide you with options to improve your auto insurance policy.

The Basics of Auto Insurance Coverage 

Auto insurance provides you with the funds to pay for the financial loss associated with an accident. Your auto insurance protection should also provide coverage for property damage or bodily injury that may also be the result of an accident. There are different types of auto coverage to purchase that meet a range of needs, from basic requirements under Texas law to more comprehensive options, depending on your needs and those of your auto for complete protection.

Meeting Auto Insurance Needs in San Antonio, TX

The State of Texas sets minimum liability requirements for drivers. This minimum is $30,000 per accident coverage for injuries up to $60,000 for the accident. There is also a minimum liability limit of $25,000 per accident for property damage that has been caused. You will see this referred to as 30/60/25 coverage.

Working with an Independent Insurance Professional

For more information about meeting your auto insurance needs in San Antonio, contact your independent insurance agent with Access Insurance Services. The agents of Access Insurance Services, serve the interests of San Antonio, TX drivers. These trained and licensed professionals understand the requirements for your auto insurance coverage. Visit Access Insurance Services today on the web and set up an insurance  professional ready to assist you.