Best Ways to Avoid Fender Bender Fraud in San Antonio, Texas

In big cities like San Antonio, Texas, fender benders occur on a regular basis. That’s why you need a comprehensive auto insurance policy from a company like Access Insurance Services, who serves the greater San Antonio area, to protect you from these incidents and make sure you, your vehicle and the other parties involved in the accident are covered when these inevitable fender benders occur. However, sometimes these very minor accidents turn into cases of major fraud, where the party who you collided with sues for medical damages or lost wages from work due to their injuries. This fender bender fraud can be avoided if you do a number of things at the time of the accident, however and some of the best ways to avoid this fraud are listed below.


After you have both pulled your cars over to the side of the road, ask witnesses for statements about the accident, if there were any. If there were other people in your vehicle, make sure you get statements from them as well. These are independent parties who can easily disprove a fraud claim, namely about who was at fault.


No matter how minor the fender bender accident may seem, call the police, so they can show up on the scene, write a report and get statements from both parties. If there is a claim that is fraudulent, the police will have to show up in court to give their own testimony and this will usually disprove fraudulent accusations due to their positions as public servants, in the court’s eyes.


Once you have both safely pulled over, ask the other party if they are alright. If they say they are, make sure you record that statement in some way, as this is very helpful for disproving claims made later that they were hurt in the fender bender.

Is Home Insurance Required In Texas?

You want to do all that you can in order to stay safe in San Antonio, TX. This means having home insurance. While it isn’t always the most affordable thing, it is important to look at whether it is required, and what your options are for coverage.

In the state of Texas, it is not required by law to have home insurance. Even though it isn’t required by the state, it may be by your lender, if you have a mortgage. This is very common simply because the mortgage company wants to make sure that your home is protected so that you continue to pay on the loan.

When you opt for home insurance, there are several things that are going to be covered within the policy. The first is liability. In the event that something happens to someone’s vehicle or other property or to a guest in your home, the liability is going to take care of these issues. This can prevent you from paying out-of-pocket in the event that a tree falls on someone’s car or a person injures himself on your property.

The second is dwelling coverage. This refers to the actual building of your home, and may also include substructures, such as pools, sheds, and anything else that may be on your property.

The third is the contents of your home, including furniture, jewelry, art, and anything else inside.

The level of coverage varies, as does the events that would allow you to file a claim, which is why you want to look at coverage and determine if additional coverage is needed.

Contact us at Access Insurance Services now to learn more about home insurance and what your options are. Our independent agents can answer any questions that you have and obtain quotes for you from top insurance companies around Texas.