Make Sure These Areas Are Well-Lit for Trick-Or-Treaters

On Halloween night, lots of kids will come up to your front door looking for candy. They’ll run up your driveway, along your walkway and across your yard — and they likely won’t be thinking about safety. Make sure no children get injured on your property by keeping your home well-lit for trick-or-treaters on October 31.

Keep Your Home Well-Lit

It’s a good idea to leave any exterior lights you have on during trick-or-treating hours. There are three specific areas that should be especially well-lit, though:

  • your front porch
  • any steps leading to your front porch
  • any obstacles in your yard (e.g. pumpkins you set up or pipes protruding from the ground)

You can’t prevent a kid from tripping over their own shoelaces or Halloween costume, but you can reduce the likelihood of them tripping over something in your yard by making sure there is plenty of light.

Keep Yourself Insured

Should a child trip over something in your yard or on your porch, you might be held responsible for any injuries associated with the fall. Carrying a home insurance policy that has liability coverage may protect you in such a case, depending on your policy’s terms and conditions.

Most homeowners in San Antonio, TX already have a home insurance policy with liability coverage. Your policy could exclude scenarios like this or have low limits, though. If it doesn’t provide you with enough protection, you should shop around for a new home insurance policy before any trick-or-treaters come to your door.

For help finding a new home insurance policy that has robust liability coverage, contact our independent insurance agents. At Access Insurance Services, we specialize in finding homeowners the insurance protection they need, and our agents can find you liability coverage. To talk with one of them, send us a message through our website.