Five Online Resources Your San Antonio, Texas Business Should be Using

As a San Antonio, Texas business owner, you certainly want to maximize your resources. This includes minimizing waste, having a productive team working for you, and finding the best vendors possible. There are online resources that may be of value to you in your efforts. Here are five such resources you may find of interest.

  1. Visit San Antonio – This website is designed for visitors, but lists the major events in the community. This allows you to prepare for them, create a promotional tie-in to them, or even get involved with them.
  2. City of San Antonio – The city of San Antonio has a wealth of information available online including a complete section dedicated to businesses. It is worth putting in your “favorites”.
  3. Chamber of Commerce – A business directory, community news, and network opportunities are just some of the valuable data available from the San Antonio Chamber website.
  4. City Data – Almost any statistic you could want to know about San Antonio is available here including average incomes, demographics, housing values and more.
  5. San Antonio Facebook Page – If your business doesn’t have a social media presence you should consider it. Here is the San Antonio page that has close to a half-million “likes”.

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Five Smart Ideas for Marketing Your Texas Small Business

We are all looking for better and new ways to reach out and improve our Texas businesses. Of course, all ideas have to be weighed with the cost of implementing those ideas along the potential return. Here are five smart ideas to help you better market your Texas small business.

  1. If you are not utilizing online marketing and social media to help advertise you small business don’t wait another day. Get started collecting client and prospect email addresses and get involved in it.
  2. Join civic groups, find a non-profit event that interests you, or team up with a charitable cause you can get behind. Your involvement will be noticed and you can increase your visibility greatly.
  3. Team up with other like-minded small businesses. If you are in the catering business, find a bakery. If you are a realtor, find a mortgage company. There a variety of ways a team is better than fighting the battle alone.
  4. Get your satisfied customers to help you. Encourage referrals, even offering incentives for them to do so.
  5. Think about the things you do that seem to work, and do more of it. Sounds simple enough but sometimes we need to be reminded.

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