A Slip, A Trip or a Fall: Why Liability Insurance is so Critical

Injuries in can happen anywhere in San Antonio, Texas. They can happen while strolling down River Walk, while attending a Spurs game, or when riding a horse on a dude ranch. They can occur on one of the area’s trails or caverns or in any of the city’s parks. A slip, trip, or fall can happen anywhere, including your home.

Think about the pizza and package delivery people who come onto your property. Think about the neighbors you may have over for a cook-out or to catch a Spurs game. Consider the kids who may play in your backyard. A slip, a trip, or a fall can happen quickly, and can result in an expensive personal injury claim. Financially protecting you in a personal injury claim is the purpose of liability coverage of your homeowners insurance. The challenge is making sure you have a sufficient amount of coverage, especially if you haven’t reviewed your policy in a while. That is a potential problem that can be easily resolved by contacting Access Insurance Services.

Access Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency serving the 78231 zip code and the surrounding area. As an independent agency, we have access to multiple companies to find terrific coverage at affordable prices. Finding out is easy with a visit to our website. Get an online comparative quote on your homeowners or auto insurance. If you would like a homeowners insurance review, contact us. There is no cost or obligation. We will help take the doubt out of what your current coverage will or will not protect.

Are you prepared for a slip, trip or fall on your property? Contact Access Financial Services and get the peace of mind you deserve at a price you can afford.

Insuring a Solid Foundation for Your Family’s Home

Homeowners in Texas have to be in a near constant state of maintaining their homes. There are lawns and shrubbery to maintain. Gutters and downspouts need to be kept clear. Roofs have to be looked after, not to mention painting, cleaning, HVAC and other systems. Spring seems to be the busiest time for many of these activities. One area of your home that deserves inspection is your foundation.

Foundation problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. You may see stair-step type cracking in cinder blocks or brick. Windows may become harder to open. Doors may begin to stick when opening or they may become harder to close. A sinking porch is also an indication of foundation issues.

Foundation problems can be the result of heavy rains and they can occur due to drought. They can also be the result of poor initial construction. These are issues that need attention and can result in costly repairs.

Is your foundation covered under your homeowners insurance? The best way to find out is through a homeowners insurance review. Access Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency. Since we are not tied to a single company, we not only can objectively review your policy, but we can search for more affordable coverage that meets your expectations. It can start with a visit to our website. By answering a few questions, we can get a comparative quote on your homeowners and auto insurance. If you would like a review, contact our office.

Access Insurance Services is aware of the problems that can occur to the foundations of Texas houses. We can help you in insuring a solid one for your families’ home. Contact us today for a quote that can help insure a solid future.