Do I Need Specific Coverage On My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Throughout San Antonio, TX, there are many things to do. The major metropolitan area of the 15600 ZIP code offers performing arts, family fun, nature and more. This is one of the major draws to the city for both residents as well as tourists.

When you shop homeowners insurance in San Antonio, it’s important to look at the specific coverage that you are going to get. If you don’t know what’s covered in your policy, you could make claims and have them denied. It’s always best to let the insurance company pay for repairs to your home and other such things, so looking for the full level of coverage early on is a necessity.

A personal injury claim is a form of coverage that you will want on your policy in San Antonio. This covers you in the event someone gets hurt on your property or as a result of your negligence, such as someone getting a DUI from driving home after a party at your house.

The average homeowner’s insurance policy is going to cover fire and theft. In addition to adding specific coverage for personal injury claims, you may also want to think about full coverage for all of your belongings, especially if you have a lot of art, collectibles, or even jewelry.

Your home in Texas needs to be protected and we want to help! We have independent insurance agents to help you find the right policy so you don’t have to worry when something happens. You will be able to place the claim and know that the company will pay.

Call an agent today and we can begin searching multiple companies for policies that will work well. We can get you quotes to make comparisons and buy an affordable policy.

My Porch Is Sinking In San Antonio, What Do I Do?

San Antonio is a gorgeous area of TX with a lot of sights. There’s the River Walk, the zoo, and much more. Various arts and performances are available through the city as well. Homes can be in gated communities and consist of many different styles, including older ranch homes, new construction stucco homes, and more.


When the ground is not stable, a sinking foundation can occur. When you find you home and even your porch sinking in 15600, it’s important to know what to do.


You will want to make sure you have adequate coverage on your homeowners insurance policy. This should be something your policy in San Antonio covers, but you can never be too sure. It’s always best for the insurance company to pay for the repairs so you don’t have to be financially responsible for it all.


A claim will need to be filed with the insurance company. From there, you will be able to call a company to come out and examine the extent of damage to your home in TX. They will look at the foundation, the porch, and anything else that may be sinking. Once your insurance company signs off on the repairs, the work can be done. When the bill comes, it goes to the insurance company instead of to you – and that can save you thousands of dollars.


A sinking foundation can be catastrophic to your home. However, a good homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you against such things. We have agents to help you in San Antonio so you can find a good policy at a good price. We will work with you to find coverage so you can gain peace of mind.


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