What is the best restaurant insurance program?

Whether you own a fine-dining restaurant on the San Antonio boardwalk or a taco stand in the west TX desert, chances are good you know how important restaurant insurance is. Your restaurant isn’t like any other in the world; you’ve put your own personality and flair into the space where you craft your signature dishes for customers.

Protecting your business with the right type of insurance can make all the difference between success and one accident that spells financial ruin. So what’s the best restaurant insurance program available? How can you make sure you’ve got the coverage you need?

Restaurant Insurance 101

As a restaurant owner, you’ll want to purchase a package that covers risks unique to food and beverage establishments. This coverage includes general liability and property coverage, which is standard for all businesses, and more specialized provisions covering liquor sales and product issues. Here’s a quick list of the exposures that, as a restaurant owner, you’ll want to make sure are covered:

  • Property insurance
  • General liability
  • Liquor liability (protects you from being sued if a customer is served too much alcohol and injures himself or someone else)
  • Food contamination (protects you if a power outage or other incident causes your food to be contaminated or spoiled)
  • Product liability (covers you in case a customer experiences food poisoning or another type of negative reaction to your products)
  • Business auto insurance
  • Crime insurance

Finding the right policy

The best restaurant insurance problem will cover all the above elements, but you’ll also want to make sure that any risks specific to your restaurant are also covered.

To make sure your restaurant has the coverage it needs, talk to an independent agent about your specific situation; they’ll be able to answer your questions, make suggestions on specific coverages available, and get you quotes to help find a policy that meets your needs and fits your budget.

How much life insurance should I buy?

Protecting your loved ones from financial strife and complications can seem challenging when you are not sure how much coverage is appropriate in San Antonio, TX. Depending on your situation and goals, the exact coverage amount that you need can vary.


Before you evaluate the amount that you want to obtain for your loved ones, consider if you have any debts that must be repaid. Debts can include credit cards, student loans, personal loans or even the mortgage.

In general, you want enough life insurance coverage to pay for all of the debts that you may leave behind and additional coverage for any expenses that you are worried about. It is particularly important if you have loved ones who have co-signed for a loan that you took out or any of your debts, since they will have the responsibility of paying the amount if you pass away.

Other Factors to Consider

You want to evaluate several factors in your life, including the age of your children and the possible dreams that you may have for them. For example, if you have very young children, then you want enough coverage for your loved ones to get by for a few years without your income.

Consider the cost of a funeral and any financial challenges that may arise if you pass away. For example, your spouse may need to return to college and your policy can help pay for that so that your family has the capability to move forward.

It can be hard to try finding the life insurance policy that is appropriate for your needs, especially if you are not sure how much coverage you actually need. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about your options and the plans that are available.

Is hidden structural chimney damage covered by homeowners insurance?

Typically, any type of chimney damage, including hidden damage, is not covered by any type of homeowners insurance.

A homeowners insurance policy will list the types of perils that are covered. The most common types of perils that are covered include damage caused by the weather, fire, vandalism, and even theft. Hidden structural damage does not usually fall under any type of covered peril, which means the insurance company will typically deny any claim filed for this type of incident.

The main reason homeowners insurance does not provide protection against structural damage is because it is not designed for that purpose. Homeowners insurance was created to provide protection against any future damage to the home/structure. The insurance company assumes the structure was in good condition when it was purchased, so it does not cover any structural damage.

Just because the homeowners insurance will not cover the cost of damage, does not mean a homeowner is completely left to pay for repairs. There are several different types of insurance plans or riders that can provide adequate coverage in the event hidden structural damage to a chimney is discovered.

A home warranty, a secondary type of insurance purchased in addition to homeowners insurance, may be able to provide the protection homeowners need against any hidden structure damage to the chimney area. This type of warranty protects the homeowner in the event that they purchased a home and latter discover hidden damage that was not visible at the time the home was brought.

If you are considering purchasing a home in San Antonio, TX and want protection against any possible hidden structural damage than contact Access Insurance Services Agency. Our independent insurance agents can help you find a homeowners insurance policy and secondary insurance policies that will provide you with the protection you want and need.

Do I receive a discount for bundling my Auto insurance with other products?

If you already have auto insurance through a certain insurance provider, you may be able to get a significant discount by bundling this insurance with other insurance types. Discount auto insurance is usually one of the first types of insurance that a person will purchase, thus is is typically the policy upon which your rates are based.

However, there are other policy types that are frequently added to discount auto insurance policies to bring the price down even further while making sure the client gets the coverage that they need. One type of coverage that is frequently bundled with auto insurance is home insurance or renter’s insurance. This is typically a fairly low cost type of coverage when bundled with an auto policy, but if you were to buy homeowner’s insurance by itself it would be a good bit more expensive.

Another example of a policy that some people choose to bundle with their auto insurance is health insurance plans, including both temporary health insurance and long term care plans. While this pairing may seem strange, it makes a lot of sense when you buy all your insurance types from the same agency.

If you are in need of any type of insurance, from commercial insurance for your business to a health insurance plan, you should ask your car insurance agent about bundle plans. You may be surprised at just how much of an overall discount you can get by grouping your insurance plans. You may also have the side benefit of being able to pay for all your insurance at one time each month.

Don’t risk your vehicle, your health, or your home by going without the insurance you need in all three areas. Our agents can give you live comparative quotes, free of charge. Feel free to contact us on the site or via phone!