I Have a Property San Antonio, TX That Is Not In Use. Should It Be Insured?

For most people living in a home in San Antonio, Texas, the need for homeowners insurance is critical. Yet, there are many people who own a vacant property that may not be sure if they need comprehensive insurance on the home. Before you decide to cancel a policy or go without, consider a few key things.

In most situations, no matter if the property is commercial or residential, the need is to protect it from any type of risk that may occur. This may be risks such as fire, vandalism or weather events. Just because the building does not have anyone using it, does not mean these risks are still not present. Unused property is still valuable and, as a result, it should have proper coverage in most situations.

For those properties in Bexar County, Comal County, or any of the surrounding area, having insurance is often necessary. This is especially true if the property is under a mortgage. Both residential and commercial mortgage lenders often require mortgage borrowers to maintain full coverage protecting the real estate while it is under a loan.

When in need of vacant home insurance policies, our independent agents at Access Insurance Services are ready to help you. Our comparative analysis tool allows you to compare product options quickly. You can choose from a range of products, providers, and coverage levels. For those in Texas, call our independent agent today to discuss any risks to your property and how to properly obtain coverage for them. You’ll get fast answers and clear advice on the policy options that fit your needs. Call Access Insurance Services today or use our online comparative tool to gather competitive quotes to keep you adequately insured.

Is Removal of a Tree that Fell on My Roof During a Thunderstorm Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance in San Antonio, TX?

Though every insurance company is different, most homeowners can get help for accidents such as fallen trees. If you live in San Antonio, Texas or the surrounding Bexar County and Comal County, then you may be able to seek coverage for this type of damage from your insurance provider.

What you should know is that your homeowner policy is meant to provide protection to the structure of your home. If a tree fell on the home, or even on your car, usually due to an unplanned event like a thunderstorm, it is likely covered by your policy. Keep in mind that there can be limitations to this.

This type of policy often will cover the cost of repairs to the roof, the contents of your home damaged and lost as a result, and any additional losses depending on the item. There may be a cap on how much coverage is available for structures other than your home, such as an unattached garage or fence. You will still need to pay any deductible out of pocket that your insurance company requires. If the tree is not from your yard, but that of a neighbor, your insurance policy will still likely cover the damage, but your provider may require the neighbor’s insurance company to compensate for the losses.

If you need a new homeowners policy, contact Access Insurance Services. The company specializes in helping homeowners to find a policy that meets all of their needs by providing a online quote comparison tool. It allows you to see the rates of multiple policies and carriers, making it easy to find the ideal policy. As an independent agent, you can trust this agency to help you to find the best policy for your situation and to get the best rate for this type of coverage. If your policy is not providing enough protection, it may be time for a new provider.

What about the cars and trucks that I have at my business in San Antonio, TX? Is the coverage like what I have on my personal car?

Commercial auto insurance is designed to cover the cars and trucks used for business purposes in San Antonio, TX. Its coverage is similar in many ways to the coverage you have for your personal car, although it may also differ in a few ways. Both types of coverage should include bodily injury and property coverage that meets Texas’s state minimums, which are the same for personal and commercial vehicles. However, although what must be covered and how much it needs to be covered for are the same, the prices for commercial vs. personal policies can be different. Commercial insurance can cost more because company cars are used frequently by various drivers. It can also cost more if you decide to have full coverage or high coverage amounts.

Commercial insurance largely differs from the insurance on your personal car in that it is designed to cover vehicles that are being used for business purposes and being driven by various employees, rather than vehicles that are driven by a single owner or family members for commuting or recreation. Because company cars and trucks may get driven more often and over more miles than personal vehicles, it’s not unreasonable for insurance providers to charge more for commercial coverage. If you want to compare your commercial insurance coverage costs to the rates available for personal vehicle coverage, the online quote comparison tool available from Access Insurance Services can show you what the rates for personal auto insurance on your cars and trucks would be.

More differences between commercial and personal coverage occur if you, as a business owner, decide it makes sense to choose certain options for your company cars but not your personal car. For example, you might want full coverage for you company cars and trucks so that you could replace them if they are totaled, even if you only have liability on your personal car for a limited amount of money. It depends on what you think is necessary for your business. As an independent agent, a member of Access Insurance Services can help you evaluate your options and get your company cars and trucks appropriately covered. Give us a call today.

Do I need life insurance in San Antonio, TX, if I am single?

Life insurance is meant to be a replacement for a person’s income when they’re no longer around to provide the income for the deceased family members. It’s not a requirement, like car, health and homeowners insurance, so it’s a personal decision that everyone should carefully think through. Single people without any dependents may think they don’t need a life insurance policy. However if you have kids or a relative who depends on you for some financial support, you really should have a life insurance policy. Likewise, your money could also be used, by a friend or relative, to care for your pets after your passing. Even if you don’t have any dependents, buying life insurance is a good idea. You can buy it with the intent of getting married and having kids in the future, but for now–should you pass on–it can be used to pay off debt, cover final expenses or as an inheritance to family or friends. If you have a loan that required a co-signer, or have a student loan that cannot be forgiven upon death, you’ll want to have a policy that will cover these debts. In the case of a co-signed loan, if you don’t pay it the other person is held responsible for the debt. Leaving money for it to be paid in full would be the right thing to do. In the case of your student loans or other debt, the money from your estate will be used to repay those debts, but a life insurance policy would leave behind extra money to ensure all your debts are paid. Texas residents in San Antonio, Bexar County and Cormal County can contact us at Access Insurance Services today to learn more about life insurance options. As an independent agent, we’re always on hand to help you understand your choices and find the best policy for your situation.