Does my Homeowner’s Policy Cover Property that my Child Took to his College Dorm if it is Stolen or Damaged in San Antonio, TX?

Sending your child off to college can be an exciting and adventurous time for the whole family, but it does not mean that he needs to purchase an insurance policy. As long as your child lives in the college dorm in San Antonio, Texas, property that is lost, stolen or damaged may be covered by your homeowner policy.

Renting Vs. Living in the Dorm

A dorm is considered a temporary living space, even if your adult child is staying over the summer months for additional classes. That means your homeowner’s policy may still classify your child as staying at home until he or she decides to rent a space.

When your child decides to rent an apartment, he or she may no longer be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Amount of Coverage

The amount of coverage and the details of your policy can impact the ability to cover personal belongings that are kept in a dorm. In most cases, insurers will have a set limit on how much you can claim based on the amount of coverage you have purchased for your home.

Some insurers may not cover the cost of items that are damaged or stolen from a dorm, so it is important to find out the details of your specific policy before you make any decisions or make a claim. Read the policy and consider all of the exceptions and clauses so that you can determine the exact details of your policy.

Living in the dorm does not mean that your young adult has no protection for his or her property. Contact Access Insurance Services to talk to an independent agent for more details about homeowner’s insurance.

My Young Driver Just Has a Driving Permit in San Antonio, TX. Do I Have to Add Him or Her to my Policy?

A driving permit is an exciting part of growing up and reaching adulthood, but it can be a concern for parents. When your young driver has obtained his or her permit in San Antonio, Texas, it is important to add him or her to the auto insurance policy of the vehicle that will be driven. It is never a good idea to allow him or her to go without auto insurance due to the risk of accidents.

Teenagers Who Live at Home

When teenagers live at home, your auto insurance may not cover them automatically when you allow them to drive. A young driver who has a permit is still behind the wheel and may cause an accident due to his or her inexperience operating a motor vehicle.

You want to ensure that your teenager is covered, even if you are providing instruction from the passenger’s seat.

Insuring All Drivers

In general, insurers prefer that you add every driver of the vehicle to the policy, even if you do not expect your teenager to drive often. The reason is related to the potential risks that may arise as your teen becomes competent and obtains a license.

A driving permit allows your young driver to get behind the wheel. That means he or she must have protection for personal injuries and liability in case an accident occurs and you were not driving the car.

A permit does not mean that you can wait to add your teenager to your auto policy. As long as you plan to allow the young driver to get behind the wheel, you will want to add him or her to your policy. Contact Access Insurance Services to speak to an independent agent to learn more about protecting your assets.

What Happens When I Loan my Car to Someone? Is That Person Covered by my Insurance Policy in San Antonio, TX? Am I Still Covered?

Allowing someone to drive your car may seem risky, but it may not have the impact on your insurance that you expect. Although every insurer has different policies and guidelines regarding the situations that will render your auto insurance inapplicable, many insurance companies will still cover a car that you have lent out to someone in San Antonio, Texas.

General Lending of a Vehicle

Since insurers may vary, it is usually best to ask a customer service representative before you loan your vehicle to a friend or relative. There may be situations that are not covered and some insurers may set strict guidelines on how much coverage is available based on who was driving.

Despite the fact that insurers will differ in the way the situation is handled, most will cover your vehicle and the driver as long as the individual driving the vehicle had your permission.

Potential Exceptions

Although lending a vehicle will still maintain your coverage, insurers may have exceptions regarding who can borrow the vehicle without being listed on your policy. In some cases, a family member who lives in your home may need to be listed as a driver before he or she is covered unless the individual is only visiting. If the individual will be driving your vehicle for an extended period of time, then you may also need to add the person to your policy.

Lending a vehicle does not mean that you will automatically lose your coverage. In most cases, insurers will still cover the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle. Contact Access Insurance Services to talk to an independent agent to learn more about lending your vehicle to others.

What is the minimum required insurance coverage needed to own and operate a vehicle in San Antonio, Texas?

The insurance industry can be consfusing. There’s an insurance policy for everything, from rental houses and apartments to pets, personal belongings, and even vacations. When insurance is required by law–as auto insurance is in every state–it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re informed and up-to-date on laws and policy requirements. So what exactly do San Antonio, Texas residents need to know when purchasing auto insurance for their vehicles?

Liability Insurance

Auto insurance policies vary greatly and cover everything from property damage to medical expenses, accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers, and other situations. The most basic type of insurance–and the one most often required by law–is liability.

Liability insurance covers dagames caused by either you or other drivers covered on your insurance policy. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, all drivers must maintain liability insurance on vehicles they own and operate–and to be able to present proof of an up-to-date policy meeting the minimum coverage requirements–in the following circumstances:

  • in case of an auto accident
  • when you renew your car’s registration or register your vehicle for the first time
  • when you get your first driver’s license or renew it
  • when you have your car inspected
  • anytime a police officer requests it

In order to find out more about the specific minimum coverage requirements, which vary each year, talk to an independent agent at Access Insurance Services. They’ll also be able to recommend supplemental policies depending on your situation which can help make sure you’re protected. Taking the time to compare quotes here on our website can also help make sure you find the best deal!