Does my Auto Comprehensive Insurance in San Antonio, Texas, Cover if I Hit a Wild Animal While Passing by a Forest?

When you live in Bexar County or Comal County, it is possible that you will eventually drive past a forested area. The problem with passing a forest is that you may hit a wild animal that is running across the road. Fortunately, it is likely that your comprehensive insurance plan will cover the damages to your vehicle in San Antonio, Texas as long as it is specifically stated in your policy.

Differences between Policies

Before you assume that you are covered, read through your policy carefully to determine what is covered and what is not. It is possible that many of the concerns that you have are not covered under the basic plan because the specifics of any policy will vary between insurers.

If you cannot find specific details in your auto insurance documentation, then call your insurer to ask questions about the situation. It is not uncommon for deer or other wild animals to run into the road suddenly and many comprehensive plans will help you pay for the repair costs as long as it is mentioned in your plan.

Getting Appropriate Coverage

If you discover that your current plan does not protect against accidents that involve wild animals, then it is important to obtain additional coverage for your vehicle. Find out what your insurer offers and shop around to get the best deal on the appropriate coverage for your specific concerns and needs.

Obtaining insurance for your vehicle is part of owning a car, but it does not necessarily cover every eventuality. By taking time to read your policy carefully, you will be able to avoid financial problems in the future. To learn more about options available for your vehicle, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Why is auto insurance policy less expensive for women in San Antonio, Texas?

Women are better drivers. All other things being equal, if a woman living in Comal County and a man living in Bexar County, buy auto insurance from the same insurance company then the woman’s policy will be less expensive than the man’s policy. That may hardly seem fair, but then again, it is hardly fair that women earn less than men for doing the same job. Insurance companies in San Antonio, Texas, San Diego, California, and all across the country, realize that female drivers, on average, present a lower insurable risk.

While there are certainly women who drive as fast or faster then men and who are just as aggressive drivers as men, statistically, women are more cautious, attentive, drive slower and get into less accidents. That kind of behavior is rewarded with a more favorable premium on their auto policy.

You must be careful not to group all female drivers into the same category just because they are all women. Women are individuals and they all do not pay the same rate for auto insurance. Just like men, women are evaluated based on their driving record, number of points on their license and their claims history.

A 25 year old woman in Bexar County driving the same year and model car as a 25 year old woman in Comal County, could easily pay $500 more or $500 less for the exact same coverage issued by the exact same insurance company. The female driver who has an 800 FICO score and not so much as a parking ticket will get a less expensive Texas auto insurance policy than the female driver with a 500 FICO score and two at-fault accidents in a six month period on her driving record.

We do not determine the rates that men or women pay for auto insurance. But what we can do, whether you are male or female is match you up with an independent agent who will find you the lowest rate possible for YOU.

Will my Claim be Approved if I Meet with an Accident Due to a DUI in San Antonio, Texas?

Driving under the influence of alcohol can cause serious problems for Bexar County residents. The reason is simple: if you drive while intoxicated in Comal County, then your risk of getting involved in an accident increases. It will have an impact on your insurance coverage in San Antonio, Texas, but it does not necessarily mean that the insurer will not approve your claim.

Particulars of the Policy

When you are facing DUI charges, the specific details of your auto policy will determine whether you are covered for the accident or not. Depending on the insurer and the plan you currently have, you may find that the accident is covered and you will not face additional financial challenges from the repair costs, though you will still need to pay the fees associated with drunk driving. The exact fees will vary based on the number of past offenses you have on your record.

Increased Insurance Rates

Although the insurer may pay for your claim in some situations, you will discover that your insurance rates increase as a direct result of the accident. Not only are you considered a dangerous driver due to your record of drunk driving, but you also got involved in an accident, which traditionally increases the rates.

After facing a DUI charge, you will face financial challenges associated with the situation. Fines will range from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of offenses and you will also pay additional fees each year to retain your license.

A DUI charge is a serious offense for any driver because it stays on your criminal and driving record. Although it can have an impact on your rates, you may still be covered for the accident. To learn more about insurance options, contact us to speak with an independent agent.

Is Theft of Goods Covered Under my Commercial Insurance Policy in San Antonio, Texas?

When you own a commercial business, it is important to obtain appropriate insurance to protect your Bexar County Company. The problem that Comal County residents may face is that possibility of variations between insurance options that make it hard to find the right policy. San Antonio, Texas business owners can feel confident that commercial insurance is appropriate, but should take the time to determine what is covered under any plan before agreeing to the policy.

Covered for Theft

In many cases, theft of goods or any other theft of company belongings is covered under a basic insurance plan for commercial businesses. The insurer will usually pay for the loss of income that occurred as a direct result of the theft. Damage to commercial property is also usually covered, so broken windows or similar problems that occurred as a direct result of the theft are usually covered under a basic plan.

Variations to Consider

Although the general insurance policy will provide coverage for theft, some insurers may limit the payment to company equipment or similar items rather than goods that are for sale. The specific details related to the theft can result in variations in how much your business is able to recover.

Even if the theft of products that you sell is not covered in full, it is possible that your insurer will pay for part of the plan. Before you assume it is or is not covered, read your current policy to evaluate that coverage that is already provided.

Insuring a business is different than personal property, so you will need to take time to evaluate different plans to ensure it is appropriate for your needs. To learn more about policies that are available, contact us to talk to an independent agent.