What kind of insurance does a day care center need in San Antonio, Texas?

No matter what kind of business you have there is a need for you to have some kind of insurance policy. Most businesses will have some kind of business owners policy. If you live in Bexar County, Comal County or San Antonio, Texas, then there are some things that you will need to know about how to insure a child care facility.

What to Know About Insurance and a Child Care Facility

  • You will first want to know what kind of coverage you will need, think about whether or not you plan on having a bus or van for child transportation, any kind of play equipment, employees and the grade levels you plan on caring for.
  • Look into what kind of liability amounts are available for you to have. Some liability coverage may cover general liability, abuse, crime and professional liability for all care workers.
  • Determine if you own your building or if it is rented. If you own the facility, then you will need to have coverage for the structure. Evaluate what kind of content coverage you will need.
  • If you have a vehicle, then think through the liability and comprehensive levels you will need before driving the auto.
  • Determine if you will need any extended coverage such as an umbrella policy to handle excess liability claims.

Opening a daycare facility is a big job and can cause some headaches if you do not know where to start. As your independent agent, we can help you with your insurance needs. Give us a call today and let us help you develop a policy that will cover your business the right way. We can even answer any of your questions that you may have regarding your insurance needs and policy.

San Antonio Consumers: 5 Things That Affect Your Credit

Obtaining an excellent credit rating requires an understanding of the factors that impact your credit score. Whether you live in Bexar County or Comal County, you need to know what is having a positive or negative impact on your ratings.

Payment History

Perhaps the item that is most well-known as a factor impacting your credit is your payment history. The payment history will not only relate to your ability to obtain new credit, but also your insurance coverage options, so you need to ensure that your history shows regular and on-time payments.

Current Debts

Your current debts will also play a role in ratings. You want to keep all of your credit cards below 50 percent of the available limit and make regular payments on all debts. Although San Antonio, Texas residents might take on auto loans, mortgages and similar large debts, the available limits will have a significant impact on scores and ratings.

Type of Debts

While the amount of debts plays a role, the type of debt also impacts the score. The best debts are mortgages and fixed-rate loans. The worst are store credit cards with high interest rates.

Length of Time for Debts or Services

The amount of time since the first credit card, bill or other financial data was added to an account history will play a role in determining scores. Young adults will see lower rates due to the limited information than those who have a long history of making on-time payments.

New Debts

Taking out a new debt will have a short-term impact on scores. Checking the history and increasing the amount of debt accounts for most of the impact.

Getting credit information under control is an important part of successfully increasing the rate. When you talk to an independent agent for help, it is possible to identify changes that will improve the scores and lower insurance rates.

What are the coverage limits in a standard homeowners policy bought in San Antonio, Texas?

If you live in Bexar County, Comal County or elsewhere around San Antonio, Texas, you know how important it is to have a good homeowners insurance policy. Severe weather, fire, bugs, floods–Texas has it all, and homeowners insurance can protect you from a lot of it. Insurance coverage has its limits, however,

First of all, homeowners insurance is often limited by the type of problem that causes damage. In Texas, homeowners insurance will rarely cover flooding, earthquakes, damage from hurricanes or damage from insects. Of course, you can purchase additional coverage for these threats as a separate policy or as an addition to your homeowners insurance coverage.

There are also limits to the dollar amount of coverage your homeowners insurance provides if your house is destroyed. It is vitally important that you review your declarations page and go over your coverage amounts with your agent. You’re going to want to be sure that your house is insured for at least 80 percent of its replacement cost, but 100 percent would be best. Many companies will actually require you to insure your home to 80 to 100 percent of value if you want to be eligible to make claims on smaller damages that will not require total home replacement. Policies will usually also include coverage for personal property up to 40 percent of the value of your home, but you can purchase additional coverage for expensive items like jewelry or furs if you need to.

If you need to purchase more coverage for your home or if you fear that you’re not getting the best price on your homeowners insurance policy, you should go to an independent agent who can compare multiple quotes for you. In the San Antonio area, including Bexar County and Comal County, we are the independent agent who can get you the best deal on the coverage you need!

Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in the State of Texas

Residents of San Antonio, Texas need to recognize that auto coverage is a requirement of the state. It does not matter whether you live in Bexar County or Comal County, the state of Texas does have minimum car insurance requirements. Recognizing the penalties you are likely to pay if you do not obtain a policy will help you make an educated decision about the situation.

Costs of an Accident

A major penalty that you might face if you cause an accident and you are not insured is the cost of repairing the vehicles and medical expenses that result from the accident. Paying for the medical costs of the other party can cost a great deal, especially if the accident caused serious injuries.

The courts will order you to pay the cost of vehicle repairs and medical bills if you caused the accident. If you have insurance, those expenses are covered by your insurance provider. As your independent agent, we suggest that you always have insurance that meets the state minimum requirements to avoid a financial situation that can ruin your normal lifestyle.

Court Fees

Although the major financial loss of an accident is a key reason to obtain insurance, in the state of Texas you are also subject to paying a fine if you do not have any auto coverage. The fine will depend on whether it is your first offense or if you have gone without insurance in the past. Even a first offense will have a fee that can reach $350.

Beyond the fees from the court, you will also have additional surcharges for renewing and maintaining your driver’s license.

Losing a License

In some situations, the court will decide to suspend your driver’s license in the state of Texas. Due to that risk, it is usually better to obtain some form of insurance rather than face the possibility of losing the privilege of driving.

You need auto coverage to protect your personal assets as well as prevent the legal penalties. Protecting yourself and other drivers is a requirement in the state of Texas.