A Brief Guide to Winterizing Your RV

Millions of households in the U.S. own an RV. If you are an RV and travel enthusiast, Access Insurance Services, serving the San Antonio, TX area, can help you ensure that you are properly covered before you head out on the road next time. We have also put together a brief guide to help you winterize your RV.

Drain the Water Systems

Winter tends to wreak havoc on plumbing pipes, resulting in them freezing and bursting when temperatures dip to a certain number. So, you want to ensure there is no water left in your RV.

Begin by turning the water heater off and draining it. Disconnect the water supply, open the faucets, and allow them to run until no more water is coming out. This completely drains the freshwater tank, leaving no water left inside the pipes to potentially freeze.

Next, flush the holding tanks and blow compressed air through the lines to push out any remaining water. Don’t forget to fill your water heater back up in the spring before using it again!

Blow Out the Water System

To ensure all water has been successfully blown out of the water system, you will want to install a blowout plug in the city water connection and then use compressed air to blow the water out.

Open all faucet valves, beginning with the one furthest away from the city’s water. Close the valve as the water flow halts. Repeat this until the water stops flowing from each valve. Make sure to flush the toilet. All of this ensures no water remains in the system.

Add Antifreeze to the Water System

Antifreeze is an important step to winterizing your RV. A water conversion kit or hand ump can be used to do this. The water pump pressurizes the system when turned on, then you must flush the toilet and open all faucets until you can see the antifreeze. To ensure the antifreeze gets into the holding tank, you can pour some into the toilet and down the drains.

To ensure your RV is protected throughout the winter and when you head out onto the road, reach out to the insurance agents at Access Insurance Services who serve the San Antonio, TX area.

Do I Need Life Insurance in Texas?

Looking for life insurance in San Antonio, TX? Access Insurance Services is here to help advise you on a suitable, full coverage policy that will meet all your needs and help you feel secure should anything happen to you. 

Residents of the great state of Texas who have dependents or family members that rely on them – life insurance is a way to set up your loved ones for financial protection. 

Your life insurance policy ensures that these people are financially secure and taken care of. If you pass away unexpectedly, a life insurance policy will help cover any end-of-life costs, as well as set your loved ones up with a comfortable life. 

Many people seek life insurance policies just for peace of mind, knowing that when they’re gone, their families will be taken care of. It’s a solid safety net for the people you love once you are gone and can no longer provide for them and help them. 

Funeral costs can also be a burden on families once a member passes away. With a life insurance policy, no one will have to worry about coming up with thousands of dollars to fund a funeral or celebration of life. Coverage often includes funerals and allows family members to grieve and say goodbyes, without the stress of finances looming over them. 

Life insurance in San Antonio, TX is a must-have if you have family members that rely on you. If you need assistance selecting a policy that works for you, reach out to Access Insurance Services. We’re here to help you find a customized plan that suits your lifestyle, needs, and is satisfactory in coverage for your dependents. 

How San Antonio Business Owners Can Find Commercial Insurance For Part Time Workers

Access Insurance Services provides coverage to the San Antonio, TX community and the surrounding areas. We are an independent agency. We strive to help our clients find the coverage they need to enjoy life comfortably. We look forward to helping you.

How San Antonio Business Owners Can Find Commercial Insurance For Part-Time Workers

San Antonio, TX is a competitive marketplace. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to gain an advantage over their competitors. A strong commercial insurance plan will help you stand out from the rest. Commercial insurance protects your business against multiple unique risks. Liability coverage protects you if a customer suffers an injury while visiting your store, or alleges that your products caused them harm. All of your property is covered against potential damage. Texas is prone to severe weather. If a natural disaster occurs, you can have peace of mind that your business is covered. You are also covered if any of your inventory is stolen or vandalized.

Workers Compensation is another significant part of your commercial insurance policy. Your employees help ensure that your business continues to run smoothly. Worker’s compensation protects your business if there is an injury in the workplace. Your employees are also covered, as they won’t have to worry about their medical treatment and rehabilitation.

If you have part-time employees, they are also covered under workers’ compensation. If you have extra questions, research the Texas requirements regarding commercial insurance. In most cases, your employees are also covered through workers’ compensation even if they become disabled or have to accept a new role. 

Access Insurance Services Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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How Fall Cleaning Impacts Home Insurance Policies

Access Insurance Services is an independent agency. We strive to help our clients find the coverage they need to protect their assets. We have great working relationships with multiple carriers throughout San Antonio, TX. This allows us to offer versatile policies designed to meet both short term and long term needs.

How Fall Cleaning Impacts Home Insurance Policies

Your San Antonio, TX home is one of your most valuable assets. Home insurance is a layer of protection that covers you if a disaster arises. Home insurance covers the interior and exterior of your home against possible damage. All of your personal items inside the home are covered if someone steals or vandalizes things. Liability coverage is an important part of your policy. You are covered if you invite guests to your property, and they suffer an injury. Liability coverage also protects you if you cause damage to your neighbor’s property.

The fall is a popular time for people to perform regular maintenance on their home. Landscaping can help you avoid a potential liability dispute. Cut long tree branches that could possibly snap and cause damage to your property, as well as your neighbors. Check the condition of your pipes. If your pipes are starting to erode, that can cause major problems throughout your home. Replace deteriorating pipes to avoid potential water damage. Check your window panes. Faulty windows are vulnerable when inclement weather moves through the area. Texas is prone to sever weather, so you should work to minimize the threat a tornado damaging your home. It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof of your home.

Make sure that you have proper lighting. You want to avoid a possible situation where a mail worker gets injured on your property due to poor lighting and other possible hazards.

Access Insurance Services Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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Do all people in San Antonio need auto insurance?

The San Antonio, TX area has continued to be a growing part of the state. Those who choose to move here will want to own a car so they can get around efficiently. When you are choosing a new vehicle, you also need to choose a new auto insurance plan. You need to have this type of insurance for several reasons when you are here. 

Needed to Comply with State Law

A reason people in this area of Texas will need auto insurance is so they can comply with state law. If you are going to purchase a car and drive in Texas, you will need to carry liability insurance. This coverage provides the protection you need to cover damages that you could cause in an accident. If you do not continue to carry this insurance, you will be in violation of the law and will face various penalties. 

Coverage Needed to Meet Lender Standards

You also will need to have an auto insurance policy to comply with your auto loan provider’s standards. When providing an auto loan, your lender will be counting your vehicle as collateral for the loan. To ensure the collateral is protected, they will require you to obtain collision and comprehensive coverage. If you do not have this coverage at all times, you will violate the loan agreement.

As you are assessing your auto insurance needs in the San Antonio, TX area, you should call the team with Access Insurance Services. There are always going to be a lot of choices to make when looking for coverage and Access Insurance Services can make it easier for you. They are able to help by giving the support you need to understand your needs and options and build an appropriate plan. 

Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle in San Antonio, TX, it is mandatory to purchase motorcycle insurance. Riding without insurance will result in loss of license and substantial fines. However, avoiding penalties isn’t the only reason to purchase motorcycle insurance. If you ride your motorcycle every day or just on special occasions, motorcycle insurance is an essential investment that helps protect you and your motorcycle. Aside from being the law, here are the top reasons why you need motorcycle insurance.

Medical Bills and Personal Injury Protection

A motorcycle is one of the most dangerous vehicles to operate on the road. Motorcycle insurance would protect you financially if you were to get in an accident. It will cover medical costs, regardless of who was responsible for the accident. If you’re severely injured, some policies will cover lost wages, child care, and any other related expenses from your injury.

Liability Coverage

Suppose you were involved in an accident on your motorcycle and caused damages to another vehicle or property. In that case, motorcycle coverage will cover the costs and repairs, so you don’t have to come out of pocket. There are also different levels of liability policies depending on your experience on a motorcycle. For example, if you are a new rider,  buying more expensive coverage can be beneficial as you’re more prone to accidents.  

Roadside Insurance

There is nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road with a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance helps you tow your bike to the nearest shop and covers flat tires, battery failure, mechanical breakdowns, and more.

Collision Coverage

Motorcycle insurance will repair or replace your motorcycle during accidents, theft, or damage from natural disasters.

For more information on motorcycle insurance in San Antonio, TX reach out to  Access Insurance Services.

What are my RV insurance needs if I live in my RV

If you’re thinking about joining thousands of Americans touring the world in their RVs, you might want to focus more on insurance as the RV will be acting as your home and car. RV insurance is almost similar to your standard auto insurance, only that it has more coverage. This post will help you understand your RV insurance needs better.

Do you need it in the first place?

Now, your first question may be whether you need RV insurance or not, and the truth is–it depends. In San Antonio, TX, all owners with drivable RVs like motorhomes must carry the minimum liability coverage just like any other vehicle. However, towable RVs like trailers and campers don’t need RV insurance when towed by another insured vehicle.

How much RV insurance do I need?

If you’re living in your RV, it’s prudent to seek full-time RV insurance, as most companies offer partial insurance policies for RVs. Full-time RV insurance is costly but more comprehensive as it covers you and your RV against risks you may face while away. Remember your RV policy acts as your home and car insurance. At Access Insurance Services, we recommend sitting down with your insurance company and assessing your needs before buying the policy.

Which coverage should I get?

Your San Antonio, TX insurance advisor should help you understand your risks and determine which coverage will suit you best. For instance, you may want to seriously consider buying enough liability as you will likely spend most of your time on the road. You also need to get coverage for your personal belongings and comprehensive and collision coverage for accidents that may happen while driving or parked.

Get RV insurance today!

At Access Insurance Services, we care about your insurance needs. If you need help buying or have questions you need to be answered before buying any policy, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to help.

Why should someone get life insurance in Texas?

There are many forms of insurance coverage that people in the San Antonio, TX area should consider getting. A form of coverage that all people here should consider a necessity is life insurance. There are a few reasons that people in this part of Texas should consider getting a new life insurance plan. 

Offer Financial Protection for Dependents

If there are people in your life that depend on you and your income, you will want to make sure their financial futures are secured. A great way that this can be done is by getting a life insurance plan. With life insurance coverage, you are able to build a policy that will pay out an insurance benefit if you were to pass away unexpectedly. Additionally, having this protection in place can offer you very valuable and comforting peace of mind.

Financial Incentives to Consider

For those people looking for life insurance, there are also potential financial incentives to consider. If you get a whole life insurance plan, a part of your premium will grow in an account that will build with interest. At some point, you can close this account and use the proceeds for any purpose that you wish. This tends to be a low-risk form of investment that also offers the same life insurance protection to the policyholder and their beneficiaries. 

Getting life insurance in the San Antonio, TX area is a good decision for many people. If you want to pick a new plan when you are here, calling Access Insurance Services can be a great decision. There are a lot of choices that need to be made and Access Insurance Services can help ensure you select a plan that will keep you properly insured and protected at all times. 

Do I really need commercial business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance is a type of commercial insurance and falls into two categories. There is standard business interruption insurance that covers direct loss, and there is contingency business interruption insurance which deals more with indirect business loss. Both are subject to specific terms and conditions, so be sure to read through your policy thoroughly. The bottom line is important when running a business and Access Insurance Services serving the city of San Antonio, TX is here to help you figure things out.

Business interruption insurance may seem like planning to fail, but any good business owner will tell you to hope for the best and plan for the worst. When assessing your business, it is a good idea to establish what could possibly interrupt your business and what the consequences of that are. Are losses likely to be more direct or indirect? This will help inform you regarding your choice of business interruption insurance. Never assume that it is part of standard commercial insurance. In Texas, there are several further subcategories of business interruption insurance including, for example, event cancelation insurance. Business interruption insurance can be a complicated beast and Access Insurance Services is placed to assist you to align your insurance with your business.

The answer to the original question, do I really need business interruption insurance, is an unequivocal yes. It is essential insurance. No matter what business you are in there is always the chance that there may be physical loss due to unusual weather patterns, freak accidents, or similar.

Take action today! Speak to Access Insurance Services serving the city of San Antonio, TX, and make sure your business is covered for any surprises.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Getting Home Insurance

Getting home insurance may not be mandatory for homeowners residing within San Antonio, TX, but it is still a crucial policy to have on hand to keep your property protected. In addition to this, numerous mortgage lenders require proof of insurance before you can get your funding, making it an essential part of your homeownership journey. Below, Access Insurance Services explains some tips to keep in mind when getting home insurance.

Understand What Is Included in Your Cover

The first step to getting home insurance is understanding items covered in your policy. Various covers protect different home items, with some examples being dwelling coverage for the structure of your home and content coverage that protects your personal belongings. In addition to this, each policy covers different perils such as disasters like hail, theft, and vandalism. Home insurance also has its restrictions, with examples of exclusions being perils such as flooding and earthquake. Due to these differences, ensure you understand your policy’s exclusions and inclusions.

Have an Inventory of Your Possessions

Home insurance will often rely on your possession’s total value for compensation when disasters emerge, providing you with repair and replacement costs. If your property is not adequately accounted for, you are likely to get insufficient coverage, leading to financial strain when you need to rebuild your property. To avoid this, have a detailed and accurate inventory of your possessions.  

Compare Your Options

As is the norm, numerous homebuyers will likely settle for the first provider they encounter, leaving out alternatives suited to their needs. To get quality home insurance that considers your property’s needs, explore the various options on the market. Take into account providers that prioritize your current and future home protection needs.

If you need customized home insurance suited to San Antonio, TX, call Access Insurance Services today to get started on your journey.