Is Home Insurance the Same As Renter’s Insurance?

When living in an apartment it may seem like things like home insurance is something you need not worry about. While traditional home policies are not necessary in apartments, renters policies are a necessity. The real question is, are renters policies the same as homeowner’s policies? For those in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with Access Insurance Services can help answer all you policy questions.

For starters renters insurance and home insurance are very similar for a few different reasons. Homeowner’s insurance policies are meant to protect both the structure and the contents of the structure. Renters policies protect only contents and the owner of the rental unit is responsible for owning a policy to protect the property.

The main difference is that the renters policy is only going to protect contents. This is a great thing to have however as rental policies do help to protect you if something happens like a break in, fire, or water damage where your belongings are damaged and they need to be replaced. This is the type of policy that you want to have even if you do not own the unit that you are living in as otherwise, youa re responsible for all replacement and repair of items and damages that occur to your property even while in the home.

If you own a home you want to have a homeowner’s policy to protect your property as well as to protect the home so that you can repay the bank and rebuild or move to another home after the home is destroyed. For those that live in the San Antonio, TX area, the agents with Access Insurance Services can help you to answer all your insurance related questions so that you can get the perfect policy each and every time.  

Freelancer Commercial Insurance Options

Being a freelancer in San Antonio, TX has become a popular and attractive way to make a living. No matter what kind of business you run, though, it is important to get some kind of freelancer insurance. Thankfully, there are many options from which you can choose with us at Access Insurance Services.

Liability Insurance

Even if you aren’t part of a larger business, you still owe your clients high-quality work. Liability insurance makes sure that you are covered for those times when you can’t get your work done. For example, a freelance graphic artist can use this type of insurance to protect them if their artwork doesn’t meet the standards they desired and they pursue a lawsuit.

Property Damage Liability

Do you freelance from your home or a coffee shop? That doesn’t mean that property damage insurance isn’t a good investment. What would happen if your laptop was crushed in a car accident on your way to the coffee shop? Your livelihood would be threatened. You can also cover items such as your vehicle, as long as it is part of your business and not just used for personal reasons.

Cyber Liability

A vast majority of freelance workers use the internet for their work. If you don’t protect yourself with cyber liability insurance, you are opening yourself up to serious lawsuits. For example, if your e-business site gets hacked and your customer’s identification information stolen, cyber liability will protect you from being sued.

Getting Coverage As A Freelance Worker

At Access Insurance Services, we will work with you to find great insurance that meets your needs. No matter what kind of freelance work you do in San Antonio, TX, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your business is fully covered and protected from serious problems.

Is life insurance for children a good idea?

Whether insurance for children is a good idea, is a matter of controversy in some circles. There are positives and negatives to the equation. Many financial advisors say the priority should be in making sure the parents have adequate life insurance, and once that is in place, other options can be considered. The pros at Access Insurance Services of San Antonio, TX can help you determine what is in your and your family’s best interest.

The primary benefit would be to cover costs involved in the event that a child dies. This rarely happens, so the odds are not very high, but still the cost of such a policy is an added expense. If your child is a major movie star, however, that could change the picture.

Another positive that is offered is that it makes sure a child will be eligible for insurance in the future if the child develops severe medical problems that might make it difficult to get insurance later in life. Again the odds of this happening are small.

A third area that is brought up at times is the idea of it being a means of savings, such as a whole life or permanent life insurance policy. This could create some cash value later on in life. However, the negative side is, you could perhaps do just as well with a savings account and not have the added cost of paying for insurance you may not ever need.

There is no clear black and white answer, and everyone’s situation is different. If you are considering this option, contact us at Access Insurance Services San Antonio, TX to go over your insurance needs. We can help you determine what is best for you and for your child’s future.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Property Insurance Tax-Deductions

Some business owners in the San Antonio, TX area choose to rent commercial property instead of own because of the possible risks of owning. If you decide to lease your commercial space, did you know that you can reap some serious benefits? 

Leasing property for commercial use means that it is your responsibility to carry commercial insurance.  It’s to your benefit because it can protect the investment the items and equipment necessary to run your business in case of a catastrophe, such as fire, theft, or natural disaster. It also protects you if someone is injured inside your space and you are found liable for any damages to that individual. 

The best news is that commercial insurance is tax deductible for your business because you are protecting yourself, your business, and the property where you conduct your business. Most all insurance options associated with your commercial rental space are included, such as extra coverage for flood, landlord liability insurance, and even the cost of health insurance and workers’ compensation for employees that work in or out of the rental space.

Another benefit of a commercial insurance policy is that it can allow you to combine a variety of insurance coverage needs into a single plan that is more cost effective. Often, you can find better deals by bundling insurance needs together than selecting them separately. Finally, if your business is adversely affected by a rare weather event, you will be able to take a deduction on your taxes for part or all of the loss.

Access Insurance Services

Access Insurance Services provide a variety of insurance options in the San Antonio, TX area. Contact an Access agent today to discuss your commercial property insurance needs to protect your business space.

How To Create an Inventory of Personal Property For Home Insurance

If a catastrophe struck, and your San Antonio, TX home or property is damaged or stolen, will you be prepared? When you’re facing a loss, having a home inventory complete with a detailed list, photos and video of the contents of your home will be invaluable. When a disaster such as a home fire occurs, how will you be able to remember all of the items you’ve accumulated over the years? Keeping a current home inventory will make it easier to purchase the correct amount of insurance coverage, verify losses for tax purposes, and help you get your insurance claim settled faster.

According to a National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2012 survey, more than half of American homeowners haven’t made a home inventory of their belongings, and more than half of those with an inventory haven’t updated it in more than a year, meaning they may not have inadequate home insurance coverage to cover losses in the event of a severe weather strike.

Taking Inventory

Make a detailed list of all of your possessions. Describe each item carefully, and note the make, model and when and where you purchased it. Attach appraisals, purchase contracts and sales receipts to the list.

  • List clothing by category, such as pants, coats, and shoes, and note any item of special value.
  • Record the serial number (usually found on the back or bottom of the item) of any major appliances or electronic equipment.
  • Take photographs of each room in your home as well as each individual item on your list. Make notes on the back of the photo what the item is, the make, and where the item was purchased.
  • Walk through your home with a video camera, describing each room’s contents.
  • Keep your list current. Valuables such as jewelry, art work and collectibles may be worth more now than when you purchased them. Check with your Access Insurance Services agent to ensure you have adequate insurance for big ticket items.

Keep your inventory securely stored in a safe deposit box or at a family member or friend’s home, so you’ll have the information available for your insurance representative in the event that your home is damaged. Look into one of the many personal finance software packages that offer a room-by-room inventory list for homeowners.

For more information about how to protect your San Antonio, TX home and possessions, give your agent at Access Insurance Services a call today.

3 Reasons Why Cheap Insurance Isn’t Always Better

Having a budget in San Antonio, TX is important, but going the cheap route for auto insurance isn’t always best. You might feel like you’re saving, but when you need to rely on your insurance – you may find that you get what you pay for.


Deductibles and premiums go hand-in-hand. Higher premiums with Access Insurance Services polices typically mean lower deductibles. The lower the premium, the greater the deductible. For example, paying a little more for your coverage could be the difference between paying a $250 deductible and a $1,000 one. Accidents always happen at an unexpected time and if you don’t have the money for a high deductible, you could be in a bad situation.

Comprehensive Coverage

When you still owe on a vehicle, lenders generally require you to have comprehensive coverage, but San Antonio, TX law does not. Some vehicle owners drop this coverage the moment the vehicle is paid off to save money. Don’t act so fast. Collision coverage is basically only for accident related damages. With a low-cost policy, theft, fire or hail damage, or any other non-accident related damages might not be covered.  

Extra Coverage Features

A low-cost policy may mean you lose access to helpful coverage features like rental car reimbursement. Just because your vehicle is damaged and being repaired, this doesn’t mean you don’t still need to go to work, take your kids to school and get around town. Putting cost over needs could leave you in a situation where you’ll have to get rides from family and friends or manage the rental car cost on your own.  

Agents at Access Insurance Services have many different plan configurations to help you get a policy that fits within your budget, while still ensuring you have the coverage you need. 

Essential Facts about Life Insurance

One of the sad facts of life is that in one way or another, a person will have to consider the eventuality of death. A life insurance helps you to consider the effects that death would have on the people you leave behind. Here are some important facts about life insurance.

You need to insure your life  you have anyone relying on you financially. It is obligatory that a spouse or parent will take up life insurance. However, it is also important when you have a dependent adult sibling or dependent parent, among others. If you are financially independent, stably retired or that no one would suffer financially if you died, then you do not need a life insurance.

Life insurance is a contract. It is an agreement between the life insurance company and the customer who carries a financial burden of the life and livelihood of another.

Life insurance does not equate monetary value to life. Instead, it is used to help compensate those left of the inevitable financial losses that come with the loss of life. It helps them cover lost income, outstanding debts, funeral expenses, and mortgages. Essentially, it helps to lessen the burden during grief.

Insuring life is a process that involves four different kinds of players. The insurer is the insurance company, and it is responsible for paying out claims when death occurs. The owner is the person who pays the insurance premiums to the enterprise. The insured is the person upon whose life, the policy is based. The beneficiary is the trustee or the person that receives the life insurance claim when the insured passes on. In some cases, it is possible to be both the owner and the insured.

Although most people avoid thinking and talking about death, planning for an unexpected death is surprisingly a great relief. Contact  San Antonio, TX, Access Insurance Services to get started on a getting your life insurance today or visit us at 15500 San Pedro Ste 401, San Antonio, TX 78232-3739, and we will be waiting to help you.


3 Reasons to Obtain Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicles that are used largely for business purposes require commercial auto insurance. Even if your business has only one vehicle in its fleet, it needs commercial auto coverage to protect your business interests. A commercial auto insurance policy from Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX can provide you with the following benefits and more:

Broader Coverage in San Antonio   

Business vehicles often require greater liability coverage than what personal auto policies have to offer. Through a commercial auto policy, you can obtain greater protection against the risk of accidents.

Commercial auto coverage also extends to rental vehicles or vehicles not owned outright by your company, giving you enhanced security for your business assets. You can also include transport expenses and loss of use protection in your commercial auto policy to cover business vehicles that are out of service due to repairs. 

Protection of Employees

Commercial auto insurance protects you and any employees authorized to use your vehicle(s) for business purposes. If one of your employees has an accident during the course of business, your insurance will cover the costs of property damage, medical injuries and loss of goods being transported at the time.

In contrast, if you only have personal auto insurance, your insurer has the right to deny a claim if it’s discovered you were using the vehicle for business purposes at the time of the accident. This puts you at risk of assuming responsibility for all damages incurred in the accident.

Tax Deduction

If your vehicle is used primarily for business purposes and you have commercial auto insurance coverage, you can deduct the cost of your premium from your taxes.

To learn more about commercial auto insurance and all it has to offer, talk to a representative from Access Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX today.

3 Reasons Why Who You Have for Homeowner’s Insurance Matters

You have to have a homeowner’s insurance policy if you have a mortgage company. However, you should continue to have insurance for the entire duration of time you own your home, whether you pay it off or not. Not all insurance companies are created equal, so the company you choose for your insurer matters for several reasons.  

1. You and Your Family Rely on the Company

You and your entire family rely on the company. You rely on them to educate you when you need it. You also rely on them in the event of an emergency. You want a company who is reliable. You need a company who is going to act fast in the event something happens to your home because you don’t want to be inconvenienced without a place to live for any longer than you need to be. 

2. You Have to Deal with Them

You have to deal with the insurance company you have, so you should opt for one with outstanding customer service. You want to know when you call you have a company who holds representatives accountable for their disposition and willingness to help you. You want a company that you can call anytime during business hours and get your questions answered. You’re paying for a service and deserve to get respect and consideration. Additionally, if you have any concerns, you should be able to contact the company and have them addressed. You need a company that puts your needs first. 

3. You’re Trusting Them with Your Biggest Asset

Your home is more than likely your most valuable asset. You need a company that you can depend on when you have that much at risk. 

Contact us today to open a policy and get an insurance policy with a company you can rely on. Call us at Access Insurance Services, serving San Antonio, TX, at 210-499-5433.  

5 Things to Do When You’re In a Fender Bender

You do everything you can to avoid being in a San Antonio, TX traffic accident, but the fact is you’ll probably be involved in one at some point in your busy life. It’s a stressful moment, to see your car dinged, scratched and dented. But with some helpful tips from Access Insurance Services, you’ll be able to get your car fixed and back on the road as soon as possible.

  1. Are You Okay? After the impact, take a deep breath.  Are you hurt? If your neck, head, back, or chest aches, wait for medical attention to arrive. You could be injured worse than you think.
  2. Call the Police: If nobody is hurt, place a non-emergency call to the local authorities to file a report. If it’s just a fender bender, don’t call 911 unless the other driver is visibly angry and threatening. A police report helps to speed up the insurance process. An officer can provide an objective point of view and help you stay safe in a stressful situation.
  3. Take Pictures: Your smart phone is your friend. Snap images of your car, the other car, the intersection and any traffic signs like speed limits, stop lights, and yield. If the other driver allows, even take a picture of them. It can help you remember who was driving when you fill out paperwork.
  4. Exchange Information: Make sure to provide your name, driver’s license, and insurance information to the police officer and the other driver. Copy down or take a picture of their license plate.
  5. Call Your Insurance Company: The faster you report the incident, the faster you can have the damage appraised on your vehicle, receive a check and get it all fixed.

For more tips on how to make the most out of your San Antonio, TX auto insurance, give your agent at Access Insurance Services a call today.